Who played Rusty on Major Crimes?

It’s been some time since the finale of Major Crimes left a bitter-sweet taste in our mouths. But this The Closer spin-off series has had fans coming back for reruns time and again. Many who are just getting acquainted with this police procedural drama series are finding reasons enough to binge through entire seasons, and one of them is undoubtedly the cute hunk Rusty.

Rusty has been one of the major characters of the show throughout the six seasons, and perhaps the only fully fleshed-out gay character ever to appear on the screen. Curious about who played Rusty? Find out everything about the character, and the actor who played the unforgettable role of Rusty Beck.

Graham Patrick Martin is Russell Thomas ‘Rusty’ Beck

Graham Patrick Martin, who was a recurring character on Two and a Half Men is Rusty Beck in Major Crimes. He was first introduced in the season finale of The Closer and served as a nice little bridge to Major Crimes‘ premiere. Fans would agree that Rusty has been the most maddeningly complex, and lovable gay characters ever to grace the TV screen.

Once a homeless teenager who witnessed Phillip Stroh the serial killer burying his victim, Rusty was taken in by Sharon Raydor. Through all the turbulent times of his early youth, in addition to his sexual troubles, Rusty ultimately came out of the closet when he expressed his romantic interest for Gus in Season 3.

Who is Graham Patrick Martin?

Graham Patrick Martin is a Louisiana actor who has appeared on a ton of TV shows, best known for his recurring role as Eldrige on Two and a Half Men, as well as some stellar performances in Catch-22, the television film The Anna Nicole Story, and, of course, Major Crimes. He’s also starred in films such as The Rising Star and Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door. For a thirty-year old, he’s got a ton of experience under his belt.

In an interview, he revealed that he was inspired to start acting by Samantha, his elder sister, who introduced him to theatre at a young age. But playing a gay character comes with its own stigma, with some bullies calling him a ‘faggot’, which, he accepts, feels horrible. Just like normal folk, he doesn’t understand the need for such name-calling. And just like his fans he too gets starstruck once in a while, admittedly by NFL star Reggie Bush at his gym, and yes, he too considers Instagram as his social media platform of choice.

What happened to Rusty on Major Crimes?

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead!!!

In the season finale, Rusty shoots Stroh, the serial killer, five times and kills him in the process. But it is not considered murder as Stroh had a hidden gun that he was apparently going for. Provenza takes the gun from Rusty and tells him that it was him that killed Stroh, not Rusty, thereby taking the credit for the ‘murder’.

After the incidents of Major Crimes’ finale, Rusy reveals his intentions to join DA’s office to send criminals to prison, that is, after he graduates, giving up on his plans to go into family law. But not before he is told by Julio to continue seeing Doctor Joe to help him with his past. More significantly, Rusty is included as part of the Major Crimes team in Provenza’s speech. His relationship with Gus continues, much to the delight of viewers who’ve seen their early infatuation blossom into a serious relationship.

So that’s all there is to know about Rusty and the actor Graham Patrick Martin who did an astounding job of portraying a complicated gay character on screen. Even though such roles come with their own baggage, and much flak from homophobes, there is no denying that Martin’s role will be considered one of the most iconic on Major Crimes, as well as cable television.

Featured Image Source: IMDb