Among Us Single Player: All you need to know

The multiple player online game that has taken over the latter half of 2020 is Innersloth’s Among Us. Even those who have not stepped into the intergalactic world of betrayal and teamwork cannot avoid being called “Sus” and “Impos” on social media. The simple game has existed since 2018 but has gained popularity this year with more and more people craving simple human interactions.

At a time when most people were locked in their homes, Among Us gave us a way to socialize with friends and strangers. Socialization which social distancing aided in the game gaining massive popularity. Every gamer seemed to play it on Twitch, every meme seemed to have tiny monochromatic characters, and every friend group had that one person hounding others to become their Crewmates.

There are those who have resisted the siren calls by Among Us and Among Us addicted friends. Have you rejected your friends’ offers to join them but secretly want to know what the hype is about? Are you tired of noobs spoiling the game by calling random emergencies? There is a way to play Among Us ALONE!

Why would someone want to play Among Us alone?

Among Us has become a kind of social experiment which brings out the hidden serial killers and Sherlock Holms in people. The game heavily relies on social interaction and group dynamics. So, why would anyone want to play Among Us alone?

Those who have been playing the game will be aware of the change in the kind of players seen recently. Everyone and their little brother seem to be trying to stab you in the electrical or randomly call you a suspect. Getting ejected by little Billy’s witch-hunting party is no fun. Tired of being the Karen complaining about being ejected once the game is over?

By playing alone, you do not have to deal with the trigger-happy noobs swarming the game recently.

You also do not have to worry about when nine of your friends can get free time to play together.

Above all, you do not have to struggle with the trust issues that come with being stabbed in the back by no-name after romantically matching hats with them.

Can you play Among Us as a single-player?

Playing Among Us alone sounding more fun now? Does it make you wonder if it is a possibility?

The answer is both Yes and No.

Many players have been hoping that the developers would allow single-player gameplay soon. The developers recently announced that they have canceled the release of Among Us 2. However, they confirmed that they will be working on improving the existing game. Even with that promise, there has not been any change allowing players to enjoy a single-player mode. There has also not been any kind of official indication that such a thing would be possible anytime soon.

In short, NO, Innersloth’s Among Us cannot be played as a single-player. But you can still play a version of the game as a single-player.

How can one play the Single Player version of Among Us?

The developers of Among Us may not have heard the requests of the players, but a fan certainly has!

A fan of the game, by the username KLOPITYL, has developed an easy to play single-player version of the game called Among Us Single Player. The game is in no way associated with Innersloth but is based on the game by the developer. This fun version of the game is currently the only way you can enjoy playing Among Us as a single player.

How much does Among Us Single Player cost?

Among Us is free to play on iOS or Android devices. However, if you want to play Among Us on your PC then you have to pay $5 and get it from Steam or

If you do not want to pay to play the game on your PC then you can opt for Among Us Single Player. The fan version of the game is free to play on all devices!

On what devices can Among Us Single Player be played?

Among Us Single Player does not need you to download any software. It is a browser game that can be played using most browsers on most devices.

Among Us Single Player can be played on your PC, iOS device, and Android device.

How to get Among Us Single Player on PC

You can directly go to the Among Us Single Player Game. But in case it doesn’t work, search for it manually as given below.

The game can easily be found on

You can visit the website, search for Among Us Single Player, and find the game with ease.

Once you get to the right page on your browser by following the above-mentioned steps, you will see a button that says “Run Among Us”.

Once you hit the button you will see a “Freeplay” button that you need to press.


After pressing the button you will be taken to a settings page where you can change the game settings as well as player settings. A small button on the bottom right corner can be pressed to go into full-screen mode.

When you are satisfied with the game and character settings you can hit start and get on with the game.

How to get Among Us Single Player on your phone

You can directly go to the Among Us Single Player Game. But in case it doesn’t work, search for it manually as given in the PC guide above.

And yes, you don’t need an app for this, whether you have got an Android phone or iPhone.

The only difference between playing the game on PC and phone is that on your phone the game will go into full-screen mode automatically.

What is the objective of Among Us Single Player?

The major difference between the real game and the fan version, apart from the fact that you are basically being a loner, is the fact that you are the imposter every time.

When playing Among Us, different players have different objectives. When playing Among Us Single Player, your only objective is to kill all of the 9 AI Crewmates scurrying around finishing tasks. You need to avoid getting seen while killing the Crewmates. That is entirely the objective of the fan version.

How does Among Us Single Player game look?

In the about me section of the game, KLOPITYL writes that they were inspired by Arvie K to create the fan version of the game. They give credit to Innersloth for the sounds used in the game.

It is not just the sound of Among Us Single Player that is uncannily like the original game. The developer has been able to create a very good replica of the original game. Even though there are segments of the original game that are not part of the fan version, Among Us Single Player is well constructed.

Those who have played Among Us may find small differences in the fan version. Yet, the differences are not too major.

Can the character be customized?

Are you wondering if you can strut your signature look or explore new looks on Among Us Single Player?

The answer is, Yes.

In the settings segment of the game, there is a button that says “Player customization”.

By clicking the button you can get the option to change the color of your character. You can choose a hat from the options. You can even choose a pet. You do not have to pay anything to equip your character with the hat and the pet. The choices here are not as diverse as those in the original game.

Back in the setting segment of the game, you can change the name of your character as you desire.

How do the settings in Among Us Single Player work

Unlike the Among Us game you do not have a laptop where the game settings can be tweaked. Instead of begging the host to increase speed and decrease tasks, you can choose your settings ahead of the game.

The settings of the fan version are very different from the original version.

The game settings that you can change are:

  • Kill distance (ranges from 10 to 998)
  • Kill cooldown (ranges from 0 to 25 seconds)
  • Speed (ranges from 200 to 800)
  • Task amount (ranges from 25 to 200)
  • The map in the middle has two options
  • HD Skeld
  • Shadows

After each game, the settings revert to default. So, before you start a game you have to keep changing the settings to suit your desire.

How to play Among Us Single Player

Now that you have the settings figured out you can start playing the game. Just like in the original version you have to press the start button to get rolling.

As soon as you start you will notice other Crewmates scurrying away from you. From here you can continue playing as the impostor. You need to keep killing without being detected. Since you do not have the option to sway public opinion you have to at all costs avoid being directly seen when killing a crewmate.

How does voting work in Among Us Single Player?

Bodies in Among Us Single Player get discovered almost as soon as the kill is made. You have the choice of reporting the kill before any other crewmate. Once the kill is reported you will not be taken to a voting screen where you run the risk of being pointed out as the imposter.

In Among Us Single Player there is no voting to eject a suspect. Unless you were directly spotted by an AI Crewmate either a random crewmate will get ejected or no one will get ejected.

So, to escape being the one ejected you have to kill without being spotted and abscond right after.

How easy or challenging is playing Among Us Single Player?

The game is as challenging or as easy as you want it to be. This depends entirely on the settings you choose for the game.

If you want an easy game then all you need to do is increase the speed, kill distance, and task amount while reducing the kill cooldown. This will allow you to move away from bodies fast after killing them from a distance and will give you a long time to explore the game.

To make the game more challenging you can increase the kill cooldown time while decreasing the kill distance and task amount. This will require you to follow the AI Crewmates around till you finally manage to kill them making the kills more challenging.

How to win Among Us Single Player

Winning Among Us Single Player is not as challenging as winning Among Us even if you change the settings. All you need to do is avoid having an AI crewmate stare right at you. At times even with multiple AI Crewmates in the same space, you can get away with a kill just by moving away from the body swiftly. You cannot count on crewmates getting ejected since there are sometimes no ejections. You have to be prepared to kill all nine players, which can be difficult to keep track of without the voting screen.

How to lose Among Us Single Player

There are two ways by which you can end up getting defeated when playing Among Us Single Player.

The first way to lose is simply by getting caught. You can get seen if you get too careless with your kills. Sometimes if you report too many of your kills you may end up getting ejected as well.

Another way you can be defeated is if the AI Crewmates end up finishing the tasks. Since the crewmates are not really performing tasks, they end up finishing them pretty swiftly. So, having the default task amount or lower than that increases your chances of losing the game.

All you have to do is run!

There is a simple way of winning Among Us Single Player without having to really do much:

  • Increase task amount to the maximum to get more time.
  • Increase kill distance to the maximum to kill crewmates even if they are simply passing through the room.
  • Increase speed to make a quick getaway.
  • Decrease kill cooldown time to be ready for the kill at all times.

  • Once the game begins you can start running around and hitting the kill button.
  • Just make sure to get away from the body as soon as you make the kill.

As soon as you make the kill it is bound to get spotted.

By moving away swiftly you will not be ejected. Within minutes you will end up winning as all the AI Crewmates will get killed or ejected.

What are the drawbacks of Among Us Single Player?

Among Us Single Player is a well-made replica of the original game. There are some drawbacks that may peeve some players who are familiar with Among Us:

  • The biggest drawback is that the maps are limited. You do not get all the maps that are available to play on Among Us.
  • The settings reverting back to default after every game can become annoying if you prefer to customize them before a match.
  • Keeping track of the number of AI Crewmates will require you to keep track of your kills and the ejections. The lack of the voting screen makes it hard to see all the crewmates left.
  • The controls are not as smooth as that of the original game. You may get stuck while trying to escape after a kill.
  • There is no option of playing as a crewmate. You have to be an imposter at all times. So those who like performing tasks or being the detective will not really enjoy the game.

  • Even when playing as the imposter you remain limited. You cannot lock the chambers as with the original game. Sabotage choices are also limited.
  • You cannot see where the players are using the security and admin section. This leaves you blindly running around to find the AI Crewmates.
  • You are the only imposter, there is no way of having more than one imposters in the game.
  • Once you have an AI Crewmate witness the murder there is no chance of you convincing the others to not eject you.

Why should you still give Among Us Single Player a try?

Even with the limiting factors of the game, Among Us Single Player is still worth spending an evening on.

Tired of getting caught as the imposter and being called a noob?

You can practice your kills and venting skills in Among Us Single Player. Even if you get defeated you will not have crewmates laughing at your ejection.

Detoxing from playing with strangers or getting to see the dark side of your friends is a refreshing change when playing Among Us Single Player.

You have greater control of the settings. You do not have to wait for more people to join the game or wait for the host to change the settings. Among Us Single Player allows you to be in charge of the game.

If you just want to live out your fantasy of being Dexter (the serial killer not the boy genius) you can easily spend hours playing Among Us Single Player.


More things to know!

Can you interact with the AI Crewmates in Among Us Single Player?

A few players have requested the fan game developer to add more ways of allowing interaction with the AI Crewmates. As of now, following them and killing them is the only interaction you can have with the AI Crewmates in Among Us Single Player. While KLOPITYL has not hinted at any future changes, they may offer a more interactive update.

Can you perform tasks in Among Us Single Player?

The only task you have when playing Among Us Single Player is killing the AI Crewmates. Unlike in the original game you do not have to perform fake tasks. Those who enjoy performing tasks in Among Us need to set their expectations knowing that there are no conventional tasks to perform in Among Us Single Player.

Final thoughts on Among Us Single Player

As more and more people are hopping onto the Among Us bandwagon, is Among Us Single Player the next big thing?

Chances are that it will not gain the same popularity as the original game. The fan version caters to a smaller segment of the Among Us players who are tired of the constant reliance on other people. The game is worth giving a try to see if it floats your boat. For most, it may not be the fan game of their dreams.