Who is Chthon in WandaVision?

Lately, every new WandaVision episode seems like it has the potential to change our expectations of what’s to come in future Marvel shows and movies drastically. So is the case with the aptly titled penultimate episode, ‘Previously On’ which has turned us all into Marvel fanboys (and girls).

In episode 7, the theory that Agatha was going to be the villain was more or less confirmed. But now it doesn’t appear so anymore. Seems like MCU has much bigger fish to fry, and it comes in the form of Chthon. But who is this Cthulhu-inspired monster and why should we care? Because this Eldger God of Chaos Magic might be the key that unlocks all future Marvel projects and foreshadow ominous times ahead for the Avengers.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for WandaVision episode 8.

Who is Chthon in Marvel?

Now that the revelation of Chaos Magic and the Scarlet Witch is upon us, there is only one creature that we can think about – Chthon. In the Marvel Universe, Chthon is from a race of Elder Gods that ruled the planets billions of years ago. He is considered Earth’s first black magician because of his arcane knowledge and mystical forces. But Chthon had to abandon his rule over Earth following a sort of a civil war among the “sibling” that turned them on each other, and fled to another dimension called the “Flickering Realm”. Before he left Earth, he wrote the Darkhold and inscribed all his knowledge on indestructible parchment scrolls to serve as a link between Earth and the Flickering Realm for his return.

Chthon has spawned many creations, mostly monstrous entities that are considered mythical and nightmarish. In that, as well as his appearance, he is not too different from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.

How is Chthon linked to Wanda?

Chthon is the wielder of Chaos Magic, the one that Wanda uses to do “magic on autopilot” on the scale of Westview. Chthon wrote the Darkhold from his caverns inside the mountain that would later come to be known as Mount Wundagore. It is here that he is summoned by earth’s mages, who soon found out that he cannot be un-summoned. All they can do is banish and entrap him indefinitely within Mount Wundagore in Transia (a comic book equivalent of Sokovia). Later, he passes on some of his energy to Wanda upon birth and lets her control Chaos Energy that would give her reality altering powers.

Through her, he could return again in the MCU. In the comics, he has controlled Wanda numerous times through this connection, turning her against the Avengers for his own purposes. So, the biggest link that connect Chthon to Wanda, both in the comics and the MCU is Chaos Magic that was revealed as Wanda’s source for spontaneous creation and control of Westview in WandaVision.

Is Chthon coming to Earth?

Over the years, there had been many mystics who were granted powers by the Darkhold but ended up forfeiting their souls, trapped forever inside the Darkhold. This inscription of Chthon was seen lying in Agatha’s basement in episode 7 and 8 and could be the source through which he makes his ultimate return.

Agatha has patronized Wanda more than once for being a novice at witchcraft so it’s possible that we may see Wanda returning to Wundagore in search for the truth about her origin.

Chaos Magic has been documented enough within the MCU and it is highly likely that Wanda may end up researching her past to get better at controlling and honing her craft further. It is here that Chthon could come back to unleash his reign of terror upon earth again, posing a challenge that Earth’s Avengers are yet to come up against.

The MCU is getting crowded with potential return of supervillains, including Nightmare who is speculated to make an appearance soon, either in the season finale or in Doctor Strange’s new movie. But whether or not we’ll see Chthon anytime soon is anybody’s good guess.