Is Smalland Crossplay? All you need to know

Smalland is a multiplayer adventure survival game, where players are shrunk to the size of an average insect and must work together with similarly sized players to survive in the overgrown wilderness. As it is a multiplayer title, players are understandably interested in the crossplay status of the game. The support for crossplay can have a significant impact on the game’s popularity and the overall multiplayer experience.

Is Smalland Crossplay?

The game had an initial release on 29th March 2023 for the Windows platform. The game is currently available on both Steam and Epic Games Store, the two most popular game service clients. Since the game is only available on PC, crossplay support is limited among Steam and Epic Games Store players. So long as you and your friends are on PC, you can play this game together, whether you buy it on Steam or Epic Games Store.

The support for crossplay with consoles, such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, may — or may not — happen when the game officially releases on those platforms. As of now, the game is yet to be fully released. It is only available as Early Access on PC, where early adopters of the game will get to experience what the game is all about. This helps the game developer figure out the bugs and kinks in the game. So, when the game fully launches, the early issues that some players faced, won’t be there anymore. Players will have more fun and fewer issues.

So, is the game coming on consoles? Can you crossplay with your friends who may have a Nintendo Switch? Well, there is no such announcement from the game developer (as of MarchApril 1, 2023). As the game has not been fully launched, even on PC, it is possible that it could happen. The game may expand to more game services and consoles.

However, we won’t get your hopes up until we hear the official announcement from the game developers themselves. Crossplay has the potential to transform the game as it will allow every player to join the game irrespective of whether they play on a PC, PS, Xbox, or even a Nintendo Switch. But we will have to wait and see if they can deliver.

How does multiplayer co-op work on Smalland

The game allows you to join as many as 9 players to experience some unique adventures together. Your friends from Epic Games Store can also join you even if you happen to play on the Steam version of the game. So far, the game has been quite popular among players and received very positive praise on Steam.

How long will the Early Access last

The Early Access version of the game was first released on the 29th Match, 2023. The game will probably be in the Early Access phase for the next 6 – 12 months after the initial release. This is how Early Access availability of games works. Only after the Early Access phase, the game will get an official release.

Smalland Release Date

Smalland: Survive The Wilds was released on 29th March 2023 as an Early Access game on both Steam and Epic Games Store, exclusively for PC. However, the developers may consider releasing the game on consoles as it approaches its full release.