Does the Cat in Stray find its family?

There’s a new adventure game that’s exciting for players around the world as well as their cats. Developed by Annapurna Interactive, Stray is a cyberpunk-based where you play as a cat trying to make way through a world full of neon robots and dodge a bunch of obstacles to get back with its fellow feline friends.

After getting disbanded from its family, you need to help Outsider (the cat you play) accomplish campaigns by jumping from rooftops and squeezing in through tiny holes. The aim is to get past the city’s door so that the car can escape to the outer world to reunite with his family.

Does the cat reunite with its family?

CAUTION: Spoilers ahead!

Regardless of how you roam around the city or what memories you collect in your journey, there’s only really one ending to the game. In the last chapter, when you finally reach the control room, you will be able to unlock the backdoors of the city that takes you to the outer world. This will only happen after your drone friend B-12 sacrifices itself to help you open the escape path.

With B12 gone, it’s up to you as a player to decipher what unfolds. Once you take the cat to the subway entrance, the game gets into a cinematic mode where you see your cat walking towards a source of light. We can only interpret that this light comes from the outside world. As the cat goes forward, you’ll see signs of fauna and all things green around the exit.

When the cat climbs the exit, the screen goes black to make way for the next cutscene. You’ll now see a close-up shot of the cat which turns around to look back at you and then scurries to the world beyond. The screen then pans out and you see a static buzz at the very end.

Despite such an abrupt ending, we can only assume that the cat manages to escape to the outside world and find its way back to its friends. The ending does leave a few questions unanswered and this could likely lead us to a potential sequel. We’d never know if we’d see the same cat again; we can only hope that it survived to live another day.