Does Vision Come Back To Life?

Love is an incredibly powerful thing. It can make humans feel ecstatically invincible and Superheros feel heartbreakingly humane. Indeed this emotion is the single most crucial aspect that separates the hero from the villain. Without love as a driving factor, what will we be left with when the thrills and chills wear off? As fans, we keep coming back for the feels.

It’s cathartic for the hero within us to witness a Superhero/ien experience love and its accompanying hurt. These hero/ines are incredibly relatable no matter what kind of power they wield or whatever special abilities they hone. Even, if not especially, someone like the Scarlet Witch.

Wanda Maximoff’s narrative has been a rather tragic and painful one from the get-go. One would hope that she gets the happy ending with Vision that she so deserves. But that’s not Marvel’s priority right now. With a major focus on Wanda’s transformation to the Scarlet Witch, it doesn’t matter what kind of sacrifices must be made, including Vision himself.

But we will only know the ending to this particularly painful story in the final episode of WandaVision. Until then, all we can do is clarify what has already happened and speculate regarding the future.

Vision’s narrative so far

In WandaVision, the happy couple appears to be living a rather settled life, and yet, it was rather surprising to witness Vision coming back to life when he was clearly dead as dead gets. In the context of Wanda, Vision’s role has always been sacrificial in nature.

In Avengers Endgame Wanda had to destroy the Mind Stone and sacrifice him for the greater good. In WandaVision, Vision’s possible demise is looming over us as a likely step in the process to create the Scarlet Witch. Most importantly, shameless S.W.O.R.D has already weaponized his leftover body and turned it into an abomination of a white creature.

Since Vision is a Synthezoid and Wanda has incredible magic that she has been casting subconsciously, everything that has happened so far can be more or less justified. Two versions of Vision can possibly exist but are either of them alive and if they are, then how is the question that needs answering.

Does Vision Come Back To Life?

The reason for this question is apparent in episode 8 of WandaVision. On the one-hand, Wanda’s neat little magic trick is revealed and on the other, the post-credit scene exposes that S.W.O.R.D had the real Vision’s body the entire time. The confusion regarding Vision coming back to life is absolutely justified. So here’s what we can tell so far from what has happened.

Does Vision come back to life? The answer is both Yes and No.

Yes, Vision does come back to life in a way. Wanda, upon discovering the small plot in Westview that Vision had purchased for them to grow old together, unleashes a tremendous amount of Chaos magic to create not just a fake world but an alternate version of Vision as well.

This Vision has no recollection of what happened before Westview and is unaware that he is dead in the real world. Wanda’s Vision, created in a moment of deep grief and desperation, is unable to exist outside Westview, at least for now. We already saw in episode 7 how Vision begins to disintegrate the moment he tries to leave the boundary of the Hex.

This Vision resembles the original Vision in terms of nature and personality. He could even pass off as the original since Wanda recreated the mind stone. If not for the boundary restrictions or the memory loss, it’s as if Vision never left in the first place.

No, the original Vision continues to remain dead and gone. S.W.O.R.D under Tyler Hayward performed some heavy experimentation on Vision’s corpse as part of Project Cataract.

Since Vision’s body has the constitution of a machine, it was a matter of fixing it and powering it back up which is easier said than done. Since the mind stone was destroyed, there had not been an alternate means to power up the vibranium body. When the extent of Wanda’s powers were realized, the corpse was reassembled in White and reawakened using a slice of Wanda’s leftover chaos magic.   

So far, there is little to no information regarding White Vision. We cannot be sure how close to the real Vision he is in terms of personality nor can we be sure about whether he is a good guy.

All we can be certain about is that he is a sentient weapon being controlled by S.W.O.R.D. Even the fate of the Wanda-created Vision is very uncertain. Will this Vision survive and exist along with White Vision or is there something else in store for him? It sounds absurd in theory and yet, anything is possible with Marvel.

Romance used to be incredibly reassuring in MCU. It tickled the intrigue of the casual viewer and fueled the pre-existing enthusiasm of ardent fans. The Superhero/ine became more palatable to us when we knew that they are capable of love and sustaining romantic relationships.

But that frilly period of hopeful endings and romances that we vicariously lived for is over now. Marvel is keen to make everything incredibly real. What we see now is closer to the darker world of the comics than the light drama of the movies and shows.

If what Marvel released so far appeared to be sad and dark, then one must brace themselves for what is to come in WandaVision as well as the upcoming shows and movies in MCU.