Elden Ring: Where does Nepheli go?

Nepheli Loux is a cryptic character in Elden Ring that can help you along with quests and boss fights. She also has her questline dependent on your actions and how you decide to help her along.

Her appearance in the game is dependent on your past actions, and actions in other questlines. If you have been unable to find her in the game, then here’s all you need to know about it.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead

Where is Nepheli in Elden Ring

You will find Nepheli for the first time in the Roundtable hold. She’s easy to miss and you need to look in the dark corner of the room before encountering the twin sister.
Subsequently, she will move and can be found at the stone sword gates. Lastly, another common location to find Nepheli is under the bridge in the village of Albinaurics.

Can’t find Nepheli? Here’s all you need to know about it

There can be a couple of reasons why you are unable to find Nepheli in the game. Here are the most common ones to help you troubleshoot your current Elden Ring playthrough.

  • If you checked under the bridge and the Strom Hawk Axe is present instead of Nepheli then this means she is dead for your current playthrough and won’t be available in the game.
  • If you did not summon her for the fight with Godrick then it is likely that you missed her. In such cases, she won’t be available for your current Elden Ring playthrough.
  • Another reason for Nepheli to be dead is if you fail to give her the Storm Hawk axe before burning the Erdtree.

Nepheli Loux Locations in Elden Ring

Here are all the Nepheli Loux Locations in Elden Ring. If you haven’t started your questline yet or are stuck in between and have been unable to find Nepheli, then you can look in the following locations.

Location 1

  • Map Location: StormVeil Castle
  • Available: Nepheli will be available here before Godrick’s fight.
  • How to find: Go to the Stormveil Castle and look for the path with the Giant. There will be a hidden room along the left wall on this path. Enter the room, Nepheli should be in the room along with a dead knight’s corpse.

Location 2

  • Map Location: Albinaurics Village
  • Available: Nepheli will be available here at certain times during the questline.
  • How to find: Go to the site of grace in the village and look for the bridge in front of you. Nepheli will be under the same near a campfire.

Location 3

  • Map Location: Roundtable Hold
  • Available: Nepheli will be available in this location after you have met her under the bridge and have summoned her for a fight or two.
  • How to find: Make your way to the blacksmith in the Roundtable hold and then go to the basement. You will find Nepheli hunched over in this location. Ideally, you want to talk to Nepheli first in this location, then talk with Gideon, and then with Nepheli again.

And that’s it! If Nepheli isn’t dead in your playthrough yet, then you should be able to easily find her in the locations mentioned above. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.