Is Mephisto in WandaVision?

Fan Theories are galore with speculation regarding the entry of Mephisto, the demonic shape-shifting villain with dark magical powers and limitless sorcery in WandaVision.

The speculations have reached the most absurd and kind of unrealistic heights with pretty much every character in the series being suspected as the master villain himself.

It looks like even the spider on the curtain is not exempt from suspicion as representing the demon-villain himself until things took a super eventful turn in Episode 7. So one must wonder how valid are these speculations and more importantly, is Mephisto really in WandaVision?

Mephisto Theories

Initially, the suspicion of Mephisto existing in WandaVision was fanned by Dottie’s dialog in Episode 2, ‘The devil’s in the details’ and Agatha’s ‘That’s no the only place he is’ response to it.

Since Mephisto has been known as the Devil in MCU, this metaphoric reference did trigger massive speculation regarding Mephisto’s involvement in Wanda’s Westview.

Another massive trigger was Wanda’s pregnancy which was alarmingly accelerated. Once the twins, Billy and Tommy were born, they had powers of their own and were able to control their aging as well acquire super speed and telepathy like their mother and uncle.

This arc is in close resemblance to the comic arc when Wanda, in order to conceive children with Vision, ends up using Mephisto’s powers. This is why the children eventually disappear (like they do later in the show), but in the comic, they are reabsorbed into Mephisto’s body.

In the show we are yet to know the fate of the twins and whether they actually existed in the first place or were conjured up by Wanda as part of the fake reality of the Hex.

In Episode 6, Pietro/Quicksilver tells the kids to ‘Unleash Hell! Demon Spawn!’ another massive reference to the existence of Mephisto in the show.

Episode 7

It is the most recently aired Episode 7 which cemented the belief of fans that Mephisto is in WandaVision. We come to know that Wanda’s helpful albeit suspicious neighbor Agnes is actually Agatha Harkness, an extremely powerful witch who was manipulating Wanda all along.

She appears to be the only character who is not in control of Wanda when she pops in and out of the house as and when she pleases. Temple-like basement aside, it becomes very clear that Agnes is draining Wanda’s magic and using the Hex to power her own evil plan, one that might summon or awaken Mephisto himself if fan theories are proven right.

Another big giveaway of Mephisto’s conjuring is the magical book that Wanda finds in the shady basement. It resembles the book that was used in the comics to invoke the Nexus and create a gateway that will effectively allow Mephisto to enter the human realm.

So is Mephisto in WandaVision?

The straight answer is no, Mephisto is not in WandaVision..yet. Two episodes are left to be aired and a lot of revelations are expected including whether Mephisto is in WandaVision.

At least so far, there haven’t been any appearances made by the supervillain. We have only seen signs and indications that point to the demon making an eventual entry into the show.

Of course, fans are hoping to see the villain but we cannot be sure till we are absolutely sure and that is only possible once the final episodes have aired. Since Marvel is a notorious tease, it’s best to stay as chill and neutral as humanely possible till all is revealed.

WandaVision has delivered plot and content well beyond our expectations. The show has some brilliant highs and deep lows that are leaving fans wanting more and more. Even if fan theories are proven wrong and the villain does not turn out to be Mephisto, one can be certain that the show is and will continue to be truly marvelous.