Is Ultron in WandaVision?

Even before WandaVision‘s finale aired, theories had been circulating about the possible involvement of Ultron in the events of the show. And now that we know what goes down in the concluding episode of what’s been one of the best Marvel productions to date, the stakes are even higher as to what such a possibility could entail. There are a few convincing clues that nudge us to believe that these may actually be true. For, if they are, this would be a thrilling prospect to have, as many would agree, and add Ultron to the long list of supervillains that could make an appearance in future MCU projects.

Disclaimer: WandaVision and Avengers: Age of Ultron spoilers ahead !!!

Is Ultron still alive?

Many presume Ultron to have died when Wanda ripped the unbeating mechanical heart out of his body in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But there could actually be some evidence for the theory that Ultron may actually still be alive, though not in the way we imagine.

In the final battle with Ultron, the Avengers severed him from the internet, thereby containing his consciousness to the drones he had created, and took them all out one by one. All, save one.

This was the drone with Ultron’s codes that was met by Vision at the end. Vision was instrumental in thwarting Ultron’s plans, and when questioned about his allegiance, the Mind-stone powered Synthezoid had affirmed the Avengers that he was on “the side of life”.

It serves to reason that Vision may not have actually destroyed Ultron fully, keeping in mind that though he is a super villainous diabolical android, he still has a consciousness and a life.

This is, after all, Vision’s predicament as it stands right now, his humanity trapped in a code.

On top of that, the literal act of annihilating Ultron in the final scenes of the movie is not exactly shown on screen. We only see a yellow light from a distance among the trees.


The act of keeping some form of his consciousness intact is more implied than shown outright. We never found the body, did we? – A common trope, we know, but one that gives Marvel enough room to do as they please.

Is White Vision actually Ultron?

Even if Ultron’s consciousness was not conserved in some form after Age of Ultron, the evil, artificially intelligent android is still a part of the mind and code that make up Vision’s web of advanced neural networks. “Vision’s mind is made up of a complex construct of overlays,” according to Bruce Banner. And Ultron is a very big chunk of it, as are the Mind Stone, JARVIS, Tony Stark, and Banner himself.

We know that SWORD has tried to bring back Vision after his life source was pulled out of him by Thanos and that they tried multiple times to put him back together. But they haven’t returned him to his proper self, engendering a White Vision, devoid of memory. Though this was intentional, it is highly likely that they might have woken up a few wicked elements unintentionally in the process as well.

To those who’ve been keeping a close eye, Ultron was missing an arm when he was met by Vision at the end of Age of Ultron, the last time he had a bodily form. Fast forward to the mid-credit scenes of episode 8 of WandaVision, and the first thing that White Vision does when he comes online is look at his left arm. Mere coincidence? With Marvel it never is. The theory may even gain some credence from White Vision’s rather abrupt and inexplicable exit from the series finale.

What does it mean for the MCU?

If all this is to be believed, then Ultron’s return as the White Vision could pose even a bigger threat for the Avengers than before, given that few who fought him before now remain. Ultron could form a vital part of MCU’s phase 4, where the list of the Avengers grows thin against an ever-expanding one of possible (super) villains.