Is WandaVision Only One Season?

With only days left to go for the season finale, WandaVision fans are asking the inevitable question – “Will there be a second season?” The way the show has panned out, fans are eager to watch a second and possibly multiple seasons of the show. But is that even possible? Here is everything we know about the future of WandaVision and what Marvel may be planning for us.

A Standalone Season?

WandaVision is definitely a unique show, with its classic sitcom-style narrative (at least in the first few episodes) blending seamlessly to the present-day MCU story. The series unravels like a carefully wrapped gift, episode by episode, and reveals the truth behind the sitcom that we, as well as the SWORD agents, have been watching. But will we get to see any future seasons or is it wraps after the season finale on 5th March?

Marvel and Disney executives are tight-lipped on the possibility of a second WandaVision season. Marvel president Kevin Feige has said that so far, there’s nothing definitive that can be said about Marvel shows and movies.

Even if there are multiple seasons, those aren’t factored into the events of season 1. “We’re focusing on delivering seasons the best we can, one at a time, so far,” he said in an interview.

With Marvel, it is never a matter about whether or not the show has succeeded. Clearly, the show has struck a chord with no just critics and long-time Marvel fans, but also the naysayers and doubters from different camps. The good thing is that Marvel always puts the story first.

In short, Marvel doesn’t want to misinform the fans, but it also doesn’t want to back itself in a corner with a definite yes or no. Even though there might not be a storyboard for a future season, they are likely to leave enough loose ends and easter eggs to connect to their universe later on. Right now, a maybe is as good as a yes.

But the Story Continues…

Even if WandaVision doesn’t return for another season, despair not, Marvel fans. WandaVision has given us so many new characters and possible branching story-lines that it’s inconceivable that the story could end with 9th episode. Everything will inevitably connect to the ridiculously large MCU on the whole, be it through new movies or shows.

We know that Wanda will already be in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. On top of that, we have Photon, a new superhero, Tommy and Billy (and their burgeoning powers), Agatha Harkness, the old witch, and of course the Scarlet Witch herself.

And we haven’t even begun to cover the uncanny mysteries surrounding the possible introduction/return of supervillains like Nightmare, Mephisto, and Chthon.

With so many narratives to explore and weave into upcoming movies and shows, fans can be sure that there’s just too much left to wrap up in just a single episode. WandaVision has officially opened phase 4 of the MCU.

There has to be, if not another season, multiple movies that will have to encompass all these characters and their stories. Whatever the case may be, fans can be sure to be in for one helluva ride going into the season finale, and all future Marvel projects.