Who is Ralph in WandaVision Episode 9 (Season 1 Finale)?

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*Spoiler Alert* Manipulating the identity of a human being goes against the very essence of being a Superhero. Yet, in WandaVision, we saw Marvel enter this dark zone so thoroughly and ardently, that it became a matter of conflict for both the viewer and the Superheroine figure. Indeed, we saw a classic case of just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s right as we witnessed all of Wanda’s manipulations and their consequences. But not all of these manipulations were Wanda’s doing, Agatha Harkness also had her fair share of messing with people and memories. One of them, in fact, a rather prominent one, was Ralph Bohner.

Who is Ralph in WandaVision?

Fans definitely wondered about the real identity of the fake Pietro or Fietro as Agatha fondly termed him in episode 8 of WandaVision. Well, it was finally revealed in the last episode of the season that Agatha has somehow managed to magick the original owner of the house she inhabited to play Wanda’s twin. In episode 9, when she is captured by Pietro that Captain Monica Rambeau comes across a headshot, she discovers that Pietro is actually a person named Ralph Bohner (no pun intended).

Ralph, turns out, is not a mutant with special abilities. He is just a resident of good old Westview and was being manipulated by Agatha with a beaded necklace that had been charmed with magic. She even managed to give him Quicksilver’s speed which is definitely a neat trick. Regardless, once the Captain incapacitated him and neutralized the necklace, he went from being Pietro to Ralph again.

WandaVision has definitely been an interesting journey, both for Wanda and fans alike. It almost feels like in a bid to forge the Scarlet Witch, both Wanda and her fandom have sacrificed a part of themselves, together. The pain, the joy, and everything along the way have been experiential even for fans on WandaVision.Truly, WandaVision has been a unique experience and one that we hope will be continued in the form of a Season 2.

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