Rust: What Time is Force Wipe?

Rust What Time is Force Wipe Titler

Ah, Rust. One of the world’s most robust post-apocalyptic sociopath simulators. The game’s been around since 2013 but is, thanks to some recent love from heavyweight streamers, riding the highest waves of its popularity yet. And for good reason. Rust might be on the older side of today’s most popular games, but it’s uniquely merciless game mechanics, propensity for true, unrelenting horror, and strange efficiency for creating griefers makes it one of the most high-stakes games you can ever play.

Server wipes and major overhauls are nothing new to Rust. With the game predicated on crafting and base-building, it makes sense at a certain point to hit something of a reset button. What is unusual is that the Rust forced wipe coming to us today will be wiping all of your blueprints too. So yeah, you’re going to want to know what time the Rust force wipe is.

When is the Rust Wipe Today?

All Rust servers will be resetting today at 19:00 GMT.

So remember to kiss all your blueprints goodbye, because the end is nigh. We know you’ll miss them. But don’t worry about another blueprint wipe coming anytime soon — here on out, Facepunch assures players that BP forced wipes won’t be a regular thing and is only being used to peel back some momentum from the older playerbase to ease the sudden influx of new players who will already be at a massive disadvantage.

“For the first time in years, we are force-wiping blueprints across all rust servers. Due to the recent introduction of tech trees, we feel as though this is the right move to get everyone on equal footing once again. Don’t expect another BP wipe for a long, long while!” Facepunch stated in their January Update announcement post.

Alongside the server wipe will be new items, Twitch drops, and streamer-only items that players can get their hands on by watching the sociopathy unfold on Twitch.

Perhaps annoying to veterans of the game, but also good for the health of Rust as a whole. It’s not often that games get the Among Us blessing and get picked up by the mainstream audience well after their release date, and any fan of Rust should be happy their favorite game is being invigorated with an injection of pure popularity. It’ll go a long way to holding onto some of that popularity because — trust us — if you’ve never played Rust, think of it like a monster that feeds off the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of new players.


Are you excited to see what becomes of Rust as it goes from niche survival game to mainstream psychopath-actualization tool? Let us know you thoughts, and any questions, down below!