[Walkthrough] Sun Haven: Just What The Doctor Ordered

When you start playing Sun Haven for the first time, you will come across a quest called Just What The Doctor Ordered, and completing this quest will award you with some coins, XP, and more. Here’s the step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete this quest.

Walkthrough of Sun Haven: Just what the doctor ordered

You will get this quest from Sun Haven’s doctor, Wornhardt. In this quest, players are expected to get a certain medicine from Catherine’s Farming Store. But if you look for Catherine, you won’t find her. This is where most players get stuck.



Go to the Farming Store and talk to Emmett instead. There won’t be any unique exchange of words here. You will just have to open the shop. Once you are in the shop menu, scroll down to the bottom. The medicine will be under all the seeds and fertilizer. However, the medicine is not free and you will have to pay 25 coins to buy it.

Once you buy it, go over to Wornhardt and deliver the medicine to him. He will thank you for completing the quest and reward you with some coins, XP, and more.