Sun Haven: How to ‘untill’ land in just one click!

Sun Haven is a game where you get to fight monsters, meet many other characters and grow crops on your farm. While fighting weird creatures is fun, the main purpose of the game is farming. But most of your land could be tilled with crops already, which means you can’t farm on these lands. You will have to untill these lands before you can begin farming again.

How to untill land in Sun Haven

The mighty hoe is your best friend in the game. You tilled your land using the hoe, and the same hoe will come to your help when you need to untill the land.

Equip the hoe and aim at the ground where you want to until. Next, press the right mouse button — that’s all, that tile of the land will be untilled.

It will only untill one tile at a time. The more you untill, the more area you will have for farming and growing your crops.