CS2 Wallhack command glitch: How to use it

Counter-Strike 2 beta was launched on March 22nd, and players have already managed to find a Wallhack command that allows them to see where the enemies are moving, even behind walls and other assets. Every CS2 beta player can use this Wallhack using a simple command.

How to use the CS2 Wallhack command

Bring up the console in the game.

Next, type cl_physics_highlight_active 5 and press enter on your keyboard.

There are no upper case letters, but there is indeed a space between “active” and “5.”

If you are unable to launch the console, make sure it is enabled in the game settings.




This Wallhack has gone viral among the CS community, and many players have started using the Wallhack. Some veteran CS-GO players are shocked to find such a huge error on Valve’s part and hope it gets fixed soon. Not to mention, using any glitch/bug against other players is an unfair and illegal practice, and it could lead to a ban on the beta version. So, do keep that in mind before you start using it, or continue to use it if you have already started so.