WandaVision Episode 8 Evil Vision: All you need to know

Any fan who ardently watches every Marvel movie and show knows to cautiously wait till the end of the credits. There is no guarantee that you will get a bonus clip, but if there is one, it will be extremely crucial and you will hate yourself for missing it. In the case of WandaVision, the payoff was too massive to not write about.

The birth of White Vision was simply too big to ignore and unsurprisingly, Twitter is buzzing aggressively with theories and speculation regarding this big reveal. Of course, those who have been following the Marvel Superheroes since the comics are absolutely excited for what is to come while those who stick to the MCU and are relatively new to this fandom are left with only questions and confusion.

White Vision, or Evil Vision as we suspect he is going to be identified as in the future is an important character in the Marvel universe. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

Who is Evil Vision?

To give some context regarding The Vision from the comic era, he was a Synthezoid created by Ultron using the brain patterns of Simon Williams (Wonder Man) to fight the avengers. This plan backfires when The Vision goes against his own programming and chooses to side with the Avengers in the fight against Ultron. In the comic, the Good Vision is depicted by the red color Professor Horton colors his face while in the movie there is no apparent reason except to stay true to the comic version. This Vision is the one we have been seeing in the MCU up until the dreaded scene in which Thanos pulls his mind stone out, effectively killing him.

Both in the comic and WandaVision, through different plotlines, The Vision is dismantled and rebuilt again as the white version of the superhero that will eventually come to represent his evil side. This Vision is entirely controlled by SWORD and has no conscience of his own. At least, in the beginning, by virtue of his master, The White Vision will be evil. As time passes and the plot unravels, one can only hope that evil is temporary and eventually the good will prevail.

What is Project Cataract?

In episode 7, a major plot point is revealed when Kat Dennings, successful in her attempts to hack into SWORD’s files, discovers ‘Project Cataract’. One can only speculate that the inspiration behind the name is from the eye problem itself. Project Cataract was Tyler Hayward’s pet project which attempted to bring The Vision back to life with an intention to weaponize him.

All assumptions end up being confirmed in episode 8 from the scene that plays post-credits when Tyler Hayward gives the order to bring The Vision online.

Are White Vision and Red Vision the same?

Both White Vision and Red Vision are the same in the sense that they share the same body and constitution. At least this is the case in the comics. In WandaVision, on the other hand, things are a bit skewed since the Scarlet Witch brought another version of the Red Vision back using witchcraft. In the show, two versions of The Vision exist now.

One is owned by SWORD and awakened as the White Vision, whilst the other one is the Red Vision created by Wanda as a means to cope with her heartbreak. If the comics are any indication, then expect the White Vision in WandaVision to be one without a soul and hence, unempathetic towards humanity and other creatures in general.

White Vision vs. Red Vision in WandaVision

This battle would not occur in the comics as The Vision arc is fairly linear and there exists only one Vision throughout the arc. Even in WandaVision, the original Red Vision transforms into White Vision, so there exists only one true Vision in the MCU as well.

However, since Wanda has created another version of The Red Vision that is only allowed to exist within the Hex, it’s realistic to expect a battle of the Good and Evil Vision which will result in the survival of either only one Vision or neither Vision in the end.

White Vision vs. Scarlet Witch in WandaVision

It will certainly be quite the sight to see in case the White Synthezoid wields his powers against the ex-love of his life. Not that the Scarlet Witch is a weakling in need of saving or anything. This Superhero can hold her own just fine and it will be fascinating to see how she tackles the heartbreak of battling the man she loves so ardently. If there is a White Vision vs. Scarlet Witch battle, it will undoubtedly be a gripping albeit painful watch.

How is Wonder Man connected to the White Vision?

Since episode 8 premiered, there has been major speculation regarding the entry on Wonder Man in WandaVision. It is also worth wondering if this hero will play a role in the White Vision arc in the future. Despite how crucial Wonder Man is to the very existence of The Vision, it may be so that WandaVision skips this Superhero entirely. Read more about Wonder Man and how he is connected to the White Vision here.

Even though everyone is focused on the minuscule details, the true devil lies in the colors that have been see-sawing through each and every episode. It is an ode to the effort of the makers of WandaVision, who used color as a powerful conveyor of the plot, with the whole show beginning on a black and white note, transitioning to bright vibrant colors, and now coming full-circle in the HD clarity of The evil White Vision.

It’s almost ironic that Wanda’s grief is better managed when everything was literally black and white and that despite her efforts to add color to her fake world, she is only spiraling toward deeper grief. It is 2021 and even though it was unexpected from a Marvel Superhero show, we get to see an apt and powerful depiction of grief and depression like never before.

With the entry of White Vision in the final episode, Wanda’s transformation as the powerful Scarlet Witch will be complete, but one cannot help but wonder the price she will pay for it.