WandaVision: How did Agnes control Quicksilver AKA (Spoiler)?

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Whether or not it is ethical to control another human being is hardly a moot question. But in the MCU wherein controlling the will of another is frowned upon, the witches of WandaVision have made such abhorred-upon sorcery commonplace. Though Wanda is seen as the main culprit, Agnes (aka Agatha Harkness) is not without her fair share of mind-controlling witchcraft. The case in point is her control of Evan Peters’ Pietro, aka Quicksilver. But how did she do it, and how was he freed? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Spoilers ahead for the WandaVision finale!

How did Agnes control Quicksilver AKA Ralph Boner!

In Episode 8, Agatha lets Wanda know that her brother Pietro is a fake, a ‘Fietro’ if you will. She possessed him with what the witchery books call ‘a crystalline possession’. Of course, we don’t have such books lying around anymore that could teach us about this phenomenon, so a casual guess would have one think along the lines of possession through some form of crystal or crystal beads.

Fan theories abounded at that time concerning who Fietro truly was – Quicksilver from the X-Men, a vessel for Mephisto’s return, or just a simple Westview resident. And we now know from the series finale that Fietro’s name is actually Ralph Bohner (ahem!), a common Westviewer caught between the two witches trying to outfox each other.

How did Monica free Ralph Boner?

Monica is the one who discovered the truth about Fietro actually being Ralph Bo(h)ner. She first encountered him in Episode 7’s post-credits scene while she’s snooping around Agnes’ attic. But it is not until she finds a photo of him as Ralph Bohner that she realizes that the house actually belongs to him. Fietro, quite in keeping with his assigned role, laughs at hearing his own name.

After a brief struggle, Monica’s able to use her powers to find the source of Agatha’s magic and, as we’d expected, the crystal-necklace around his neck begins to give off a purple-ish glow – the color of Agatha’s dark magic. Just by taking it off, she’s able to free the innocent Ralph Boner gasping for breath and asking her not to hurt him.

So, all the theories and conjectures surrounding Fietro that MCU fans wanted so desperately to come true came all a-crashing down.

A little disappointing for some, but perhaps Marvel didn’t want to introduce another supervillain at the very end and convolute the plot further.

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