WandaVision: What happened to White Vision?

The wait is finally over – WandaVision season finale is out, and it’s been a bittersweet journey, to put it mildly. Ever since White Vision was revealed in the post-credit scenes of episode 8, we’ve all been expecting a showdown between the White Vision and the Red Vision.

And that’s exactly the smashing goodness we got in the series finale, as well as an episode-long spell-slinging encounter between the Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness. along with many other tidbits strewn here and there. We definitely recommend you watch the finale before jumping in spoiler territory. For, all those who have already seen it are left with burning questions about White Vision which we will address in this post.

Disclaimer – Spoilers WandaVision series finale ahead !!!

What did Red Vision do to White Vision?

The series finale doesn’t waste any time to get right into the thick of things. Right from the start, Wanda and Agatha are at each other’s throats. But the real trouble begins when White Vision, at the behest of his programming directive to “destroy the Vision”, starts going after Red Vision.

What ensues is a calamitous battle between the two Visions, in the air, on the ground, smashing through tarmac and real estate, and using their blast rays against each other. Just to clarify, their powers are exactly the same and neither of them has the Mind Stone. White Vision has a blue arc reactor, while the Red Vision is the piece of Mind Stone that still lives in Wanda. But Red Vision does have the memories that White Vision lacks.

However, after a brief but poignant conversation, Red Vision helps White Vision rediscover the purpose of his existence and tells him that his memories are being kept from him by those who want the White Vision as a controllable weapon.

At this stage, White Vision lets his facsimile unlock his memories, and we see the flashes of memories pour back into his system, opening up the personality matrix that once constituted him. Once White Vision reawakens and the two Visions have a common understanding, neither of them attacks the other anymore and the battle comes to an end.

Will two Visions exist?

The question now stands – “How will the two Visions exist?”

When the battle seems to be going nowhere, Red Vision initiates the thought experiment of ‘The Ship of Theseus’ – If the planks of a ship rot and are replaced with new planks so that no original plank remains, is it the same ship? This is in a clear reference to the two Visions. But the Red Vision goes a step further and adds another clause – “Secondly, if those removed planks are restored and reassembled, free of the rot, is that the new Ship of Theseus?”

“Neither is the true ship,” says the White Vision, and then, thoughtfully, “Both are the true ship.” The rot, as Red Vision notes, is the memory.

“I have not retained memories,” says White Vision.

“But you do have the data. It is merely being kept from you. As a carbon-based Synthezoid, your memory storage is not so easily wiped.”

It is then that he unlocks White Vision’s memory. So, did we just have two complete Visions for some time, sans the Mind Stone?

As White Vision put it, both are the true ship. So yes, we did. But once the hex disappears, so does the magic that created the Red Vision of WandaVision.

Is White Vision the real Vision now?

With the Red Vision no more, the only remaining Vision we have is White. He has all the memories that made up Vision before, as well as the good that seems inherent in him. But he won’t have any memories of WestView and his time in the hex since Red Vision didn’t impart his memories to White Vision but rather unlocked the memories that were already within the white Synthezoid.

That is not to say that he wouldn’t have memories of his love for Wanda before the events of WandaVision. He will still know and remember Wanda, up till the time the Mind Stone was forcibly removed from him by Thanos. Wanda’s line  – “But we’ll say hello again” –  before she bids farewell to Red Vision as the hex contracts may be an indication that (White) Vision and Wanda will meet again. A tear-jerker if there was ever one.

Where did White Vision go?

As soon as White Vision’s memories are restored, he explodes out of Westview and we don’t see him for the duration of the episode. This has got most of us confused about where exactly did White Vision go.

Though nothing can be said for certain since White Vision is inspired by Marvel Comics history, it is clear that he may have some business to attend to of his own. Whether he’s going to Wakanda, one of the remaining Avengers, or to look into some larger trouble brewing on the horizon (outer space), is anybody’s guess. But with many more Marvel shows and movies coming up, we’re sure to find out soon enough.