WandaVision: Who is the green lady in Episode 9?

Source: Marvel

We must acknowledge the thoroughness with which Marvel does cliffhangers. With their typical post-credit mini-scenes in WandaVision, Marvel has done it again..and again. In fact, WandaVision was a major cliffhanger fest from the get-go.

Since episode 1, all we could do was speculate and wonder about what was to come, and now that the season has ended, we are still doing the same thing, except there won’t be another episode in the foreseeable future.

In episode 9, there were two post-credit scenes of major importance, maybe not in the terms of what the scene depicts as much like the kind of expectations it sets for the future of MCU overall. Let’s look at the first post-credit scene and the green lady in it.

Who is the green lady in the post-credit scenes of WandaVision Episode 9?

Few emotional breakdowns and satisfying endings later, the post-credit scene showed Captain Monica Rambeau being called into the theatre by a certain ‘they’. Lo and behold the officer who asks her to go to the theatre informs her that she was sent by an old friend of Monica’s mother and transforms into a green creature. The lady is actually a Skrull in disguise and basically a middleman for an undisclosed ‘him’. She tells Monica that the person (he) wants to meet Monica.

Who are the Skrulls?

The Skrulls are basically a shapeshifting alien race that fans will be able to recall from the Captain Marvel movie. In MCU history, Skrulls are famous for shapeshifting into humans and superheroes of interest/importance to protect them and report crucial information to their own race when necessary.

Though there was a really negative perception against the Skrulls for a really long time, all that changed thanks to Captain Marvel and their oppression by the Kree. Now they are kind of seen as allies to human beings and have contributed to earthly affairs in various ways.

An entirely new plotline has been opened thanks to the revelation of the Skrull. If and when there is a Season 2, fans certainly will have a lot to look forward to.