What happened to Billy and tommy? All possibilities explored!

WandaVision’s end is here and it is all that any Marvel fan worth his salt seems to be talking about. There were a number of introductions, epic battles, and a few heartbreaks in the whole series. Though the finale put an end to some plausible fan theories, those that sat through until the very end also saw many new possibilities being engendered, especially when it came to the question of Billy and Tommy.

Here are all the possibilities surrounding their fate that MCU might address over the course of the next few projects.

Disclaimer: WandaVision spoilers ahead!!!

Did Billy and Tommy survive (as per WandaVision‘s post-credit scenes)?

We saw Billy and Tommy finally use their newfound powers to disarm SWORD agents and helping out their parents who were busy tackling their own nemeses. Tyler Hayward tried shooting at them but was thwarted by Monica who kept the bullets from reaching them.

Though the family eventually won their battles, Wanda had to make the ultimate sacrifice of letting go of the Hex as well as her husband and children that were tied to it. We see the Hex collapse in on the reality that Wanda had created as she tucks in her children and bids farewell to Vision, again.

But the post-credit scenes suggest that that may not be the end of Billy and Tommy.

As Wanda’s astral self flips through the Darkhold, she suddenly hears her children calling for help before the credits roll for good. So, what could it mean for Billy and Tommy now and what is Wanda going to do about it? Here are a few possibilities explored by avid thinking fans who know their Marvel fandom inside out.

Possibility #1: Wanda remembering her children

Billy and Tommy came into existence through Wanda inside the Hex so it cannot be said definitively whether or not they were actually real. But ever since we got a glimpse of Wanda learning from the Darkhold, it is more than a mere possibility that she might be learning about a way to bring them to life for real this time. She is the Scarlet Witch, after all, capable of “spontaneous creation”.

After having experienced motherhood, having to tuck in her children and seeing them disappear with the Hex would definitely have Wanda try to figure out a way to recreate them through Chaos Magic. That alone could be her way to bring her family back together. It is possible that she could only be remembering her children, then, and their shrieking voices would be from the time when Agatha had them captured at the closing of episode 8.

This isn’t as exciting a theory as some others below, but given that many seemingly convincing theories ended up flat after the series finale, it is hard to have an exciting possibility actually turn out to be true.

Possibility #2: Billy and Tommy in the ‘Dream Dimension’

Another exciting theory that has gained much traction in the Twitter world revolves around the ‘Dream Dimension’. This is an alternate dimension controlled by Nightmare, a Marvel supervillain whose existence has been hinted at throughout the show. It is the place where all dreams materialize and take a life of their own, and there can’t be a worse place for two little boys to end up.

Billy and Tommy, although not strictly dream contents, did come from Wanda’s own imagination. So, the moment Wanda finds out about the existence of such a realm, she is going to want to know more about it and access it whichever way she can so that her boys to return to her. This makes sense considering the fact that Wanda is in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, along with Nightmare being rumored as the villain of the movie.

Possibility #3: Chthon influencing Wanda through the Darkhold

Though the theory that Nightmare could make an appearance in the series finale didn’t materialize, all the theories surrounding the possible introduction of supervillains in upcoming Marvel projects still stand. One such is that of Chthon.

Ever since the Darkhold was shown in WandaVision, there’s been no shortage of Chthon fan coverage on the web. Wanda is connected to Chthon in a number of ways (in the comics), and her possession of the Darkhold ties him further to the Elder God.

Chthon is considered to be the first black magician of Earth, a God that ruled Earth billions of years ago. But before he was forced to retreat to the remote corners of the Flickering Realm, he left behind Darkhold – a book containing Chthon’s magic spells that serve as a bridge for him to return to Earth.

Chthon, in the comics, also gave Wanda a touch of his magic at her birth for later possession of her bodies and powers, and there’ve been multiple occasions when she came under his spell and fought against the Avengers.

However, in the MCU, there’s no direct connection between the Elder God and the Scarlet Witch, except through the Darkhold. Through the book of the damned, his hold over Wanda could increase further as she speedreads and draws more out of it. There’s very much a chance that Chthon is teasing her out with the cries of her children, a ruse that Wanda would be susceptible to falling for.

Exactly how Chthon would draw her in and use her powers to access Earth is unclear. But it’s a definite possibility that MCU may attempt in the future.

Possibility #4: Billy and Tommy a part of Mephisto’s soul?

The creation of Billy and Tommy in the MCU is slightly different from the comics. It is through Wanda unknowingly using fragments of Mephisto’s soul that Tommy and Billy were born, something she wasn’t aware of at that time. There is no such link explored in MCU’s WandaVision. But who’s to say that it cannot be explored in the future? All we know is that they spontaneously came to life within a day and grew up precociously. Could it all just be Wanda with a little help from Agatha all along? Or is there more to it than we have been shown so far?

If Mephisto has something to do with the children and has now taken his soul pieces back, that would be a chance for MCU to align to the source material and give a comprehensive Scarlet Witch story. Though Mephisto is not as menacing as some other supervillains, he could still be a pawn in a bigger threat posed by the likes of Chthon.

Setting up Young Avengers?

The speed with which Tommy and Billy grew up and found their powers, it won’t be surprising to see them as part of a new generation of Avengers. This would be the next logical course for MCU given how only a handful of Avengers survived after the events of Avengers: Endgame. A possible young super-team may already be in the pipeline for all we know and could have its own TV and movie franchise sometime soon. Although nothing’s confirmed yet, WandaVision does set it up so as to make it an inevitable prospect to have.

Billy and Tommy may have disappeared with the Hex, but their appearance won’t just be limited to the last few episodes of WandaVision. We may see them yet in the upcoming Marvel projects, though where and in which form is still anybody’s guess.

Source: Marvel | Disney Plus