What is Chaos Magic in WandaVision?

The wait is finally over! WandaVision‘s episode 8 is here – an action-packed, emotionally turbulent, and densely chaotic penultimate chapter that is opening up new avenues for MCU to explore. There are tons of new details to look into, none as mystical and enticing as “Chaos Magic”. What is it and how does it weave into the fabric of WandaVision? Let’s discuss.

Note: Spoilers ahead.

Chaos reigns supreme!

The last few minutes of episode 8 had Agatha Harkness telling Wanda that the magic that allowed her to create such a massive hex as to encompass all of Westview is, in fact, Chaos Magic.

Trying to persuade Wanda to divulge exactly how she attained her abilities, she finds out that it was the Infinity Stone that enhanced Wanda’s abilities to such an extent.

What’s Chaos Magic, after all?

Chaos Magic allows the user to manipulate, reconstruct, or totally warp the very fabric of reality as per the wants of the users.

It is considered so dangerously powerful and so rare that it was dismissed as a fairy tale story even by Doctor Strange.

The reason why Chaos Magic passed out of all knowledge to become a myth was the Earth’s Mages ending the Elder God Cththon’s reign long ago.

What’s behind Chaos Magic?

The energy fuelling Chaos Magic is Chaos Energy, the same energy that passed into Wanda through Cththon’s hand at the time of her birth (in the comics). With such elemental energy, Wanda broke through the bounds of her mutate powers that would have only kept her energy manipulation limited.

Of course, Wanda harnessed this energy and used it as Chaos Magic without actually knowing its name. But the effect of this magic is not just an amplification of her core powers, but an overarching extension on all fronts that lets her do much more than just create simple Hexes that she used to before.

Such enhanced powers make Wanda a dangerous entity, the true full extent of which she herself doesn’t know. It is only Agatha who truly grasps the gravity of Chaos Magic and the power that only the Scarlet Witch holds.

Episode 8 ended with a near-possible confrontation between Agatha and Wanda. And with only one episode to go, it would be exciting to see this Chaos Magic in its raw form to see exactly how the show explores it.