Fortnite 15.10 update could bring 120FPS performance and new hunter

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has been successfully dropping hits after hits. Platform exclusive characters like Kratos and Master Chief became multiplatform characters thanks to Epic Games this year. The developers promised to bring an engaging season that they have been able to deliver so far. And they are by no means done delivering! The holiday season is here with lots to look forward to on Fortnite.

On Monday, December 14 they announced that the upcoming update will be made to the game the following day. So, Fortnite 15.10 update is here, and this is what you can expect from it.

When is update 15.10 coming out for Fortnite?

Epic Games announced that the update will be released on Tuesday, December 15. While the update is rolled out globally the servers will be down from 4 am ET (9 am UTC).

It is unclear for how long the servers will be down while the update becomes available.

What to expect from the 15.10 update?

Epic Games have revealed some of the changes that players will see after update 15.10. The patch notes have also helped shed some light.

Here is what the update will bring:

  • The new operation “Operation: Snowdown” will be introduced as a limited-time mode. Snowmando is supposed to be bringing new quests for the players to complete for exciting rewards.
  • In the season of gifts, two new free outfits will become available after the update. There will also be other free cosmetics that players will get access to. A number of purchasable items are also expected to be arriving.
  • There will be some new weapons that players can find scattered on the snow-covered island.
  • Epic Games has heard the pleas of the players and will give them the option of switching off the Pre-edits.
  • For both PC and Next-Gen consoles, there will be upgrades with the 15.10 update. For PCs, there will be a new Performance Mode which will allow players to enjoy high visual quality while putting less load on their device. For Next-Gen consoles, gamers can enjoy the new 120 FPS mode.
  • It was earlier announced that Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon and Michonne will be joining the game on December 16. Fortnite mentioned that update 15.10 may be bringing new hunters. The Walking Dead zombie killers could be the new hunter they mentioned. There may also be some other hunters that the developers have not revealed yet.

  • Spy Within was a creative map that will be transformed into a new LTM that players can enjoy with the latest update, according to the patch notes.
  • There will also be a creative update, the details of which have not been elaborated.

  • Routine bug fixes.

The patch size will be larger for PCs due to the Performance Mode addition. Players need to wait and see how the new update will turn the island into a winter wonderland.