How Did Monica Rambeau Get Her Powers?

Episode 7 of WandaVision turned out to be a roller-coaster ride, engendering both dread and hope in the fans through two huge reveals. As the season marches on to its end, we now have a clear villain in the form of Agatha Harkness, a not-so-friendly neighborhood witch, and a new hero in the form of Monica Rambeau.

It was revealed in an earlier episode that Monica’s trip inside the hex had a transformative effect on her cells. But it was seen as a bad thing that could potentially end in a disaster. Disaster, it seems, has a unique way of begetting superpowers, especially if it has something to do with energy fields.

Here are all the details about Monica Rambeau’s superpowers, what they are, how she got them, and how they align with her comic book origins.

What are Monica Rambeau Superpowers?

The S.W.O.R.D agent gets the ability to see all sorts of energy flowing from and through Westview. We see her eyes light up turning a bright blue, apparently lit up by her newfound powers. The vibrant world that she is able to see takes on special significance as viewers are shown exactly what she sees – energy emanating from multiple power sources.

She even defied Wanda as she tried to throw her out of town, albeit for a little while, as Monica tried to get through to her. So, she’s clearly strong and iron-willed, which is always endearing to us viewers.

In the comics, Monica doesn’t just see various energy forms on the electromagnetic spectrum but is also able to transform herself into any of those energy forms at will – X-rays, radio waves, electricity, UV, gamma rays, cosmic rays, you name it. She can also fly, change from one form into another almost instantaneously, and even create holographic versions of herself. Oh, and she’s also considered one of the Nexus beings in the comics, a powerful immortal with no apparent Achilles’ heel.

But WandaVision‘s Monica is far from being her comic cosmic self. What her powers really are is still unclear, and fans would be itching to see them in action soon.

What gives Monica Rambeau her powers?

It is perhaps Monica’s stubbornness, or Wanda’s Hex, or both that turned her super. When her armored space rover failed to break through the Hex, she refused to admit defeat and relentlessly pushed on. Believing that she could get through to Wanda, she pushed through the perimeter, and that is what brought upon the transformation.

It is possible that Wanda’s wavering control over the perimeter might have factored in, as could have the fact that Monica is essentially friendly, not hostile to Wanda.

Since the Hex contains massive levels of cosmic microwave background radiation, it is understandable that it would ultimately affect her genetic makeup and make her susceptible to electromagnetic energies.

But it’s not just one chance encounter with the energy field of the Hex that changed her cells. She was also banished once before when she was Geraldine. Given that she’s been through the Hex more than once would definitely have had a significant impact on her at a genetic level.

Whatever the case may have been, Monica now is super sensitive to energy sources around her. Her heightened awareness is just the surface of what she could potentially be. Now she could play a major role in Wanda’s life and lend her a helping hand, for God knows Wanda is in desperate need of one.