Is Agatha Harkness A Villain in WandaVision?

Episode 7 of WandaVision just unveiled the real villain that’s been working behind the scenes of Westview all along, putting to rest the grand (sometimes plausible) fan theories that have been circulating ever since the show began.

With just a couple of episodes left in the season, the reveal has the potential to start a multiverse storyline encompassing multiple MCU shows. So what’s the big reveal?

Well, the title should give you a hint, but don’t get on your high horse just yet. That’s just half the story. Here’s what we know so far now that the cat is out of the bag.

Disclaimer: Spoilers for WandaVision Episode 7 ahead!

WandaVision Episode 7 Big Reveal

The reveal at the end of Episode 7 – “Breaking the Fourth Wall” sees Agnes, the friendly neighbor, announcing herself (through her own theme song) as Agatha Harkness, a powerful ancient witch who’s been “pulling the strings all along”.

One fan theory stating Agnes to be a portmanteau of “Agatha Harkness” now stands confirmed. She’s been the only person that’s never truly been under Wanda’s control, popping in and out of Wanda and Vision’s house and working behind the scenes for her own clandestine agendas.

The musical number at the end of the episode spells out that “It’s been Agatha all along” that’s been the puppet master. But what’s more menacing for our titular hero is what the song goes on to say next, that “it’s too late to fix anything now that everything has gone wrong.”

This bodes bad news, indicating clearly that dark times lay ahead. What’s more – it was Agatha who killed Sparky the dog, an unspeakable evil to anyone with even a shred of humanity.

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Who is Agatha Harkness really?

Agatha Harkness was introduced back in the 70s in a Fantastic Four comic (issue 94) as a witch of yore with mysterious origins. She’s not really an all-out villain in the comics (siding with the good guys more often than not) suggesting that things may not be quite as black and white with Agatha in WandaVision as we’re led to believe.

Agatha was Wanda’s mentor first in the comics, teaching her to use magic and become pregnant with Vision’s children – Tommy and William.

It was only later when she revealed that the children were actually made up of missing pieces of Mephisto’s soul, a Marvel super-villain, that Wanda snuffed out Agatha in a fit of rage, a time when the going got tough for the character in the early years of the millennium.

However, as is the case with most comic characters, they don’t stay dead for long. In the latest run of the Scarlet Witch comics, she is revived (in ghostly apparitions only) as Wanda’s spirit guide.

Given her role in the comics, it is not exactly clear if Agatha Harkness is really a villain in WandaVision. But with only a couple of episodes left, the other fan theories surrounding someone else being the villain, including Mephisto, have fizzled out.

What could Agatha be planning?

However, the theory that Mephisto might be the villain, with Agatha as the accomplice, may not be that incredible. A commercial in episode 6 featured a shark telling a starving boy that it survived by “snacking on Yo-Magic” (what made it all the more disturbing was that the boy couldn’t peel the lid himself and ended up dying).

When taken as a metaphor, the disconcerting commercial might throw some light to the real purpose of the dark vines and magical objects that were strewn all over Agatha’s basement, possibly indicating that she has been using the Hex and draining Wanda’s powers to create the Nexus (the magical book that Wanda discovers, a gateway to all possible realities) that will summon Mephisto.

It is possible that this is the reason behind Wanda losing control over her reality.

Agatha clearly wanted Wanda to find her secret magic room in the basement. But now that the beans are spilled and Wanda knows all about Agatha, what will she do now? And will she lose her kids just as she did in the comics? Well, that’s for us to find out in time.