What is Breathtaking Achievement in Cyberpunk 2077 and how to get it

Investing long hours in Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t go unrecognized, for there are a bunch of in-game trophies and achievements that players can collect as they journey their way through Night City. Most of them are easy to accomplish, by completing certain activities, eliminating enemies, and even by simply progressing through the main storyline.

Of the 44 trophies and achievements that one can collect (14 of them being hidden), there is one that acquired particular favoritism amongst fans, even before its release. That is the ‘Breathtaking Achievement’ which involves getting your hands on Johnny Silverhand’s gear from back in the day. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Why is it called ‘Breathtaking’?

We’re not one to examine why a reward or a trophy is titled the way it is. But the apparent story behind this is worth knowing. During the E3 (2019) presentation when Keanu Reeves was presenting the game, a guy pointed at him and called him “breathtaking”, to which Reeves reacted by calling him and everyone in the audience “breathtaking” as well – an instance that could’ve only happened with the Internet’s darling. Peter Shark, the man who had shouted, later tweeted the video and received a lot of attention including some from Cyberpunk 2077 official Twitter handle giving him a copy of the game’s Collector’s Edition for free.

A flood of memes followed, as well as a petition on Change.org to add, as a reference to the incident, an achievement by this name unlocked as players completed the game.

How to Unlock the Breathtaking Achievement

CD Projekt Red not only included the achievement but also did the fans one better by allowing them to unlock the Breathtaking Achievement by getting all of Johnny’ Silverhand’s gear and his ride. Without beating a dead horse too much, here are the things that you need to get and how to get them.

Get Johnny’s Shirt

Johnny’s iconic shirt/tank top is the reward you get when you finish the main story mission ‘Tapeworm’ (end of Act 2). It’s an automatic reward so there’s no need to look for it or pry it from someone. When the mission is finished, it will find its way to your inventory.

Get Johnny’s Aviators, Jacket, Gun, and Car

Some jobs are more important than others for this achievement. Take Rogue’s side job called “Chippin’ In” which unlocks after finishing Tapeworm. This mission is unmissable if you’re looking to get this achievement as much of Silverhand’s gear is rewarded during the course of the job.

His Aviators and his iconic Jacket, from the game’s cover art, are unlocked automatically after Chippin’ In.

As for his Gun, the Maloroian Arms 3615, which is quite the powerhouse even by Cyberpunk 2077’s standards has to be grabbed off the floor. It will be laying in from to Grayson; get it, and it’s yours.

Grayson will also hand over the keycard to Johnny’s Porsche 911 Turbo to you if don’t draw your weapon on him. Sparing him will get you the car easily. If you kill him and loot the keycard anyway, you’ll have access to the car but not to the trophy unlock.

Get Johnny’s Trousers

For his trousers, you’ll have to do the gig “Psychofan”. Make your way to the marker location, go to the bedroom upstairs and find the suitcase on the right. Do note that you won’t be able to return for it afterward so get it while you’re completing the gig. If the gig is not spawning, you may have to do some NCPD scanner events first or some other gigs in Heywood.

Get Johnny’s Shoes

To get Johnny’s shoes, you’ll have to do the ‘Family Heirloom’ gig. His shoes will be in the same cabinet that contains the objective of the gig. To do this gig, a street cred of 35 is required, as well as finishing the main job “Ghost Town”. Do some NCPD scanner events in Charter Hill, Westbrook if the gig doesn’t spawn.

And that should get you the ‘Breathtaking Achievement’ that both die-hard fans and Trophy hoarders would love to have.