What was Ravonna’s Secret in Loki?

The Loki Series comes with various mysteries which open up as the story continues. Throughout the series, something has been really off with Ravonna Renslayer and Miss Minutes in the Time Variance Authority (TVA). Judge Renslayer seemed to have known more than she was portraying herself. Those who are well aware of the history of Ravonna will not be surprised to see the evil turns and twists in Loki. The story has finally revealed the secrets of Judge Renslayer gradually.

History of Ravonna Renslayer

Ravonna Renslayer was a character that was first introduced in Marvel Comics in 1960. Though the comic version of Renslayer is totally different from her counterpart in the Loki series but this history can be helpful in shedding some light on her possible future in the MCU.

Marvel Comics first introduced the character of Ravonna as a 40th-century princess living on the Earth. Being the daughter of King Carelius, Ravonna was a fierce woman who very quickly drew the attention of Kang the Conqueror when he was trying to take over the kingdom of Carelius. Both Ravnonna and Kang shared a complicated love affair with each other but it ended with the death of Ravonna.

Most of the stories of Renslayer revolve around Kang. In the Loki series, Renslayer was seen as the judge of TVA. She was born as Rebecca Tourminet and was taken by TVA as a variant. Later on, TVA erased all her memories and she ended up being Hunter A-23 protecting the Sacred Timeline from the Variants.

Throughout the series, Renslayer was the only one who saw the Time Keepers but at the end of episode 4, it was revealed that the Time Keepers which Renslayer knew was not real.

Ravonna’s role in TVA

In the first episode of the Loki series, the personality of Renslayer appeared to be straightforward with very little empathy, especially towards Loki, who was a variant. But as the episode continues, she shows a very eccentric and friendly side of hers when she was in a conversation with Mobius. However, Ravonna Renslayer has many significant roles in the Loki series and some of them are listed below.

Ravonna as a TVA judge

The first episode shows Ravonna as the judge of TVA who was chosen to give her verdict on Loki, the God of Mischief. Loki caused a nexus event in the timeline and hence, he was captured as a variant. He started mocking the TVA during his trial which was held by Renslayer and this leads her to give the ‘guilty’ verdict to him.

She also ordered a reset for him but changed her mind after the intervention of Mobius as he wanted to interrogate Loki to learn more about his current cases. Ravonna followed the orders of the Time Keepers blindly and delivered the orders to other Minutemen.

Arresting Sylvie

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Ravonna Renslayer was a normal girl who was brought to the TVA as a variant and erased all her memories claiming to be created by the Time Keepers. She was trained to fight her muscle memory in a military-style. Renslayer served as Hunter A-23 in the TVA protecting the Sacred Timeline for the Time Keepers.

During her mission, she entered Asgard in an alternate timeline along with some Minutemen via Timedoor and arrested Sylvie, who was very young at that time. Renslayer took Sylvie to the TVA as a variant. During Sylvie’s trial in the courtroom, she bit Renslayer, stole her Tempad, and ran away through the Timedoor. As time passed by, Ravonna Renslayer became the Judge of TVA and stopped displaying all her fighting skills, and relied completely on the other Minutemen.

Protecting the TVA

Since the beginning of Season 1 of the Loki series, Renslayer has portrayed herself as the mouth of the Time Keepers. She has been blindly following the orders of the Time Keepers who are considered the ultimate authority of the TVA. Renslayer conducted a trial of Hunter C-20 for exposing the location of the Time Keepers to Lady Loki. During the trial, Hunter C-20 revealed that everyone in the TVA was variants and are kidnapped to work for TVA. Renslayer, who was filming her in her Tempad, stopped her and in order to protect TVA, she killed Hunter C-20.

When Mobius saw the recording on Renslayer’s Tempad, he got anxious to find out the real Time Keepers. Renslayer, on finding out her Tempad is missing, searches for Mobius and with the help of her Minutemen, pruned him. Later on, she also ordered her Minutemen to search for Hunter B-15 as she was also “compromised”. These are some activities that portrayed that Ravonna Renslayer always tried to protect the TVA and its secrets from everyone present there.

Ravonna’s Secret in the Loki Series

Though Ravonna Renslayer has a significant history in Marvel Comics, the character of Renslayer in the Loki series is completely different. In this series, Ravonna Renslayer was a normal girl living on the Earth. She was brought to the TVA. They erased all her memories and made her work as Hunter A-23. She went on different missions and protected the TVA since then.

The appearance of Ravonna always brought a strong possibility among the Marvel fans that she is not exactly the person she portrays to be. The true nature of Ravonna was revealed in episodes 4 and 5 of the Loki series. Ravonna in spite of knowing everything about the TVA kept quiet. She betrayed her old friend Mobius by pruning him just to protect her missions and TVA.

Even after Renslayer got to know that the real Time Keeper is not the one she knew, she kept on protecting TVA. Though she was unaware of the origin of the TVA, still she was assuming it to be a mission that has been created to protect the Sacred Timeline. She also tricked Sylvie into believing her to find the origin of TVA and then tried to prune her with the help of her Minutemen. In spite of knowing all the truth of TVA, she served for TVA and tried to protect it till the end.

What was Ravonna hiding from Mobius?

Mobius was a very old friend and colleague of Ravonna Renslayer. When Hunter C-20 exposed the whereabouts of the Time Keepers to Lady Loki, Renslayer took her to the trial room and interrogated her while shooting her video on her Tempad. Hunter C-20 revealed that all the people in the TVA were variants and used to lead a happy life on the Earth. Renslayer stopped the conversation and her face was visible in the Tempad as well.

When Mobius asked about Hunter C-20’s status to Renslayer, she replied that Hunter C-20 lost her mental balance in the trial room and died. Mobius was not ready to believe that and hence, stole Ravonna’s Tempad to find out the truth. Ravonna did not tell Mobius anything about TVA. Mobius was unaware of the fact that all the people working in TVA, including himself, were variants and not created by the Time Keepers.

Is Ravonna the real villain in the Loki Series?

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In the first episode of the Loki series, it appeared that the character of Ravonna Renslayer is different from that of Marvel Comics. In this series, she was first introduced as a high-ranking officer and judge of the TVA who was encountered by the Time Keepers. As the episodes continue, the nature of Renslayer appeared to be more evil. Episode 4 of the Loki series reveals a lot about the character of Ravonna Renslayer.

Renslayer seems to be aware of the abduction of normal people as variants and erasing their memories. She was prepared with the answers when Mobius and Hunter B-15 brought up this issue to her. Also, she seemed to have realized earlier that the Time Keepers are not real as she remained unaffected when Sylvie cuts off the head of the Time Keepers. All of these shows that she was portraying the role of a villain betraying and lying to all the people in the TVA.

Ravonna Renslayer played a significant role in the Loki series. Though she was not the ultimate villain, she had a different role in protecting the TVA. The role of Ravonna Renslayer was played by Gugulethu Sophia Mbatha-Raw and it ends in episode 6 as she uses the Timedoor to go for the search of free will. However, the Marvel fans were expecting more revelations from this character.

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