Who is Ghost Vision in WandaVision?

Mid-credit scenes are always a mixed bag, you never know what you’re going to get. Marvel fans know you have to watch right through the end to find out about the next big reveal. In episode 8 of WandaVision, “Previously On”, we see the fruits of Tyler Hayward’s diabolical efforts come to life in the form of White Vision. His icy, ghastly appearance is doubtless evil, but given his comic book history, it is hard to say exactly how he may turn out eventually. Those who have only followed the MCU have nowhere but the comics to turn to to find the nature of this Synthezoid and, more importantly, his intentions. Here’s everything you need to know to get some context about the Ghost Vision in WandaVision.

Ghost Vision Comic book origins:

In the comics, it is Ultron who is the creator of Vision. After rebelling against his own creator Henry Pym, Ultron uses Wonder Man’s brain patterns to “birth” the Synthezoid to seek vengeance against the Avengers. Unfortunately for Ultron, Vision goes against his programming and sides with the Avengers.

When he does come apart, as he did in Avengers: Infinity wars, he is put back together by Henry Pym as White Vision, but not without his latent humanity that he had acquired earlier. White Vision is all of Red Vision, but without Wonder Man’s brain patterns who refused to let his mind be copied again. What we’re left with is a cold unfeeling Synthezoid that represents the real Vision’s evil side.

How is the MCU Vision different?

The MCU Vision has nothing to do with Wonder Man as that is one comic character that is yet to appear. Vision is instead built on JARVIS, Stark’s old AI unit, endowed with life by the Mind Stone. But when that Mind Stone is ripped apart from his forehead by Thanos, he is left as little more than a corpse.

And instead of Ultron’s creator trying to piece him back together, we know through WandaVision that it was Tyler Hayward and his SWORD agents who have been trying to reanimate Vision’s corpse, refusing Wanda to give her love a proper funeral.

Though Wanda has managed to “spontaneously create” a Vision of her own through Chaos Magic, the real Vision still lies in SWORD’s basement. Episode 8’s post-credit scene revealed that that Vision has returned to life, but without his memories and (more dreadfully) a conscience. This Vision is entirely Hayward’s puppet and may only end up doing his bidding, which doesn’t seem to be all that noble.

White Vision vs. Red Vision: Who is real?

Now that we have two Visions – one created by Wanda and the other that’s been resurrected by SWORD – things have become a bit messy. We know that Wanda’s Vision cannot exist outside the Westview hex as his life comes from Wanda’s Chaos Magic. But there are no such limitations on the ghostly White Vision. Even though he may not have the powers or the “life” of the Mind Stone, there’s no telling how powerful he truly is, especially now that he’s turned into SWORD’s weapon.

Of course, there’s a huge possibility that we might see the two battle it out in the finale, being an MCU show as it is after all. But which one is the real Vision? Technically, they both are. One has Vision’s body, the other his mind.

We still don’t know how will Wanda feel about all this when she comes across the White Vision. The possibility that she may end up choosing her version of Vision, the one that has all the likeness of the Vision she fell in love with except that it was created by her, is high. If that happens to be the case, we may even see Wanda go up against White Vision, to help and protect the version of Vision that is her husband.

Which Vision ends up surviving the possible fight is anyone’s guess. But whichever Vision holds out will clue us to the path that MCU is going to take. Even if the ghastly White Vision survives, there is a possibility that he may end up reacquiring his humanity and take on a life of his own. But that may still be a long shot as there is no Mind Stone anymore. Unless there is some way that Wanda learns to control her Chaos Magic and endows White Vision with the same life that she gave to the Vision of Westview, there isn’t much hope for Vision returning as himself, not as two, but one.

The way MCU is introducing new characters by the episode and taking inspiration from the comics, it won’t come as a surprise if Wonder Man may end up becoming a reality soon. But those speculations are too far away to be confirmed anytime soon. Right now, we have a couple of live Visions and a trauma-laden Scarlet Witch that has the powers of an Elder God. Truly, there’s too much that needs to happen in the finale that we can’t wait for.