Who Plays The Villain In Barb And Star Go To Vista Del Mar?

Barb and Star is the new project by Kristen Wiig that aims to bring a breath of fresh air to comedy movies. Numerous comedy projects are lined up for this year including Eddie Murphy’s return in ‘Coming To America 2’ but ‘Barb and star’ manages to stand out thanks to its ingenious cast alongside throwbacks to various comedy projects of the yesteryear. If you have been following the movie for a while then you might have seen the air of confidentiality around its trailers. The first teaser we received was a meta take on the teasers of yesteryear that never showed us Barb and Star in the first place. And the rest was well overshadowed by Yoyo’s (Reyn Doi) awesome performance in the beginning.

The second trailer, despite giving us a hearty look at Barb and Star, never really revealed the plot or villain of the movie which raises the question, who actually is the villain in Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar? Let’s find out!

Warning: Spoilers

Who is the villain in Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar?

Barb and Star is a movie about two divorced women living together that decide to go on a vacation together for the first time. Their choice of location? A lavish resort town in Florida called ‘Vista Del Mar’. Barb is played by Annie Mumolo and Star is played by Kristen Wiig. They then meet a young hunk looking for their attention while on the resort named ‘Edgar’ who is played by Jamie Dornan. This is where things get a bit convoluted and without giving away major spoilers, let me tell you that Edgar is in the resort town at the will of his boss ‘Sharon Gordan Fisherman’ who happens to be the villain of the movie.

Her evil plot? To weaponize mosquitoes, target them at Vista Del Mar and run it down to the ground. The only problem? Well, Kristin Wiig plays the character of Sharon Gordan Fisherman as well. One of these characters is albino and Jamie Dornan is expected to shell out a musical performance for the character because, of course, he is in love with her. A one-sided, deep, undying tale of love between a henchman and his boss.

And that’s it! There you have it! You now know who the villain is in Barb and Star and despite the spoilers above, there is a lot still you don’t know about. Absurd character arcs, cringe stories of friendships, some really unexpected cameos, and 90 mins of fun. Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar is sure to keep you hooked to your seat if you have been waiting for a Bridesmaids sequel.