Why Mobius doesn’t remember Loki?

We witnessed a lot of twists and turns in the season finale of Loki and it’s safe to say that Marvel’s Loki has been one incredible journey for both the protagonist and his fandom. Throughout the season, Mobius has played an important role in moving the plot ahead and helping Loki introspect about himself. In fact, the friendship between the two becomes a rather touching and poignant moment in episode 5 as we are forced to witness their separation as well a divergence in their individual plots. Nevertheless, despite all the love, a big shocker arrives in episode 6 as Mobius is entirely unable to recognize our beloved Loki. So the big question is, why can’t Mobius remember Loki? Here is everything we know so far.

*Spoiler Alert!*

What happened to Mobius in episode 6?

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Mobius rides back to the TVA headquarters using the TemPad while Loki and Sylvie choose to stay behind to confront the timekeeper. In the initial part of the episode, Mobius appears to be fine and even confronts Ravonna about her actions as a Time-Variant officer. Up until this point, it does not appear as though Mobius has forgotten Loki or his quest to destroy the TVA. Towards the end of the episode, Loki is forced to return back by Sylvie who inadvertently kills He Who Remains.

Loki makes his way back to Mobius frantically in an attempt to handle the multiple timeline crisis that emerges once He Who Remains is dead. The only problem is that Mobius does not recognize him as Loki at all, instead, he assumes that Loki is just another TVA worker and has absolutely no recollection regarding who Loki is or their past relationship. The episode and finale end with this cliffhanger and no respite till the arrival of season 2.

Why Mobius doesn’t remember Loki in Episode 6?

Marvel does not explicitly reveal why Mobius cannot remember Loki. At least till the arrival of Season 2, we can only speculate and wonder as to why Mobius can’t remember Loki. The first possible reason why Mobius can’t remember Loki is because this is not the first time Mobius has forgotten crucial information in the first place. In episode 4, Mobius looks at a pen with the words Franklin D Roosevelt High School imprinted on it. As he looks intently at the pen, it’s clear that he has a connection to it but is unable to recall what the whole deal is.

Another situation that indicates that TVA erases the memories of its workers is that of the trophies and mementos that Ravonna Renslayer keeps in her office. It is very much possible that she collects things, potentially even ones that have been given to her by Mobius as a memory of the ones that workers are Mobius are definitely going to forget.

The memory-erasing theory is not that far off the mark. It wasn’t until Sylvie enchants the TVA employees that we come to know about them being variants as well. Since this is a proven fact, memory erasure makes sense in order to maintain subservience.

Besides all this, the TVA itself is shady and doing the underhanded work of He Who Remains and orchestrated fake timelords to keep up the charade. So it is expected that Ravonna or someone/something else erases memories in order to maintain the facade of TVA.

When one considers the roster of shows that have been released by Marvel this year, MCU’s phase 4 is astonishingly good. The quality of the plot and storylines are utterly brilliant and we cannot help but keep wanting more. As new characters are introduced to the MCU the intrigue keeps growing along with the excitement. As a massive multiversal war looms over our favorite heroes, it will be worth following Mobius’s journey in the MCU and how he impacts both Loki’s world and morale.