Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Clothing Guide: How to get

The level of character customization in Cyberpunk 2077 is unprecedented in the gaming industry. CD Projekt Red has focused on personalizing the character to a great extent so that players can make their Vs as differentiated and unique as possible, and clothing is a big part of it.


With various clothing sets at various tiers, you can buy, loot, earn, and equip to your heart’s content as you journey through Night City. Iconic Clothing is one such tier that contains the much-coveted gear that players have been seeing in game teasers. Let’s find out all there is to know about this Iconic Clothing and how you can get your hands on them.

What is Iconic Clothing in Cyberpunk 2077?

Clothing (and other items) are divided into tiers based on their quality: at one end of the spectrum you have ‘Common’ items that are easy to get and don’t augment your stats much; at the other end are Iconic items – unique in every aspect and highly fashionable. In between are other tiers like Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary which get progressively better and hard to find. Iconic items also up your stats considerably and provide additional benefits through their custom perks and abilities that aren’t found on items of lower tiers.

List of Iconic Clothing Items

There are a couple of Iconic Clothing items that players have come to know about from game trailers, previews, and just about every marketing medium. Here they are for those who want to know about them:

  • Samurai Jacket
  • Johnny Silverhand Outfit, which includes his jacket, shirt, aviator glasses, pants, and shoes.

How to get Samurai Jacket

The Samurai Jacket appears on Cyberpunk 2077’s box itself so it is as iconic as they come. But CD Projekt Red is not one to hand it to you on a platter. The Samurai Jacket is hidden in a side quest and can be easy to miss if you don’t keep track of them and complete as many as you can.

To get the Samurai Jacket, you’ll have to start the quest “Chippin’ In” which gets triggered near the end of the main story. You’ll be walking into Afterlife for this mission where you have to take the pills and let Johnny take control. Thereafter, complete the quest and wait 24 hours for Rogue to call. Meet her and you’ll get your hands on the Samurai Jacket – all a natural progression of the quest.

Bonus: ‘Fake Samurai Jacket’

The iconic Samurai Jacket is not without its counterfeits though, which is a nice touch, and players can get that as a bonus. It is easily identified for its misspelled ‘SAMEREI’ and is found after completing the side quest called ‘Small Man, Big Mouth’. This item is not iconic, though it may end up fooling unsuspecting players.

How to get Johnny Silverhand Shirt

Johnny’s shirt (or, more precisely, his Tank Top) is the reward you get after completing the ‘Tapeworm’ sidequest. To get to this particular quest, players will first have to complete a few story missions starting with ‘Automatic Love’ and ending with ‘Search and Destroy’.

Once ‘Search and Destroy’ ends, you’ll have a brief chat with Johnny which will finish ‘Tapeworm’ and you’ll receive his shirt. On top of that, he’ll also hand over his dog tags to you, another cool bonus.

How to get Johnny Silverhand Aviator Glass

This is another iconic item that you’ll receive during the “Chippin’ In” sidequest when Johnny takes control. Do note that this side quest is triggered at Johnny’s behest after you finish the Tapeworm quest.

How to get Johnny Silverhand Pants

You’ll have access to Johnny’s pants during the ‘Psychofan’ gig which can be completed at any time. The locations for it are the east side of Night City near ‘El Coyote Cojo’ and ‘The Glen’ area. This gig requires you to steal a guitar from a fan who also has Johnny’s pants from old times. So, the pants you get are a form of loot, not a reward. Nevertheless, they look badass and are found in the suitcase inside the bedroom.

How to get Johnny Silverhand Shoes

The outfit is completed with a pair of classic, quintessentially Jonny shoes. These are available in the gig called ‘Family Heirloom’. The gig can be accessed at the southern end of the Charter Hill area once you have a Street Cred of level 4 and are called in by Rogue. The shoes are part of the gig’s mission location so it should be easy to find.

So this is how you can get spruced up with Cyberpunk’s Iconic clothing. Customization on (almost) every front is what sets Cyberpunk 2077 apart from other role-laying games and getting their hands on these outfits should be on any fan’s list.