Cyberpunk 2077 Mantis Blades vs. Monowire: Which one to go for?

Weapons galore in Cyberpunk 2077 and so are unique ways of eliminating hostile NPCs and enemies with them. They come in different shapes and forms, some that can be equipped externally and others that are fitted as Cyberware essentially turning V into a deadly bio-weapon. There are lots of cool things that one can do with the latter, such as upgrading them with mods, experience, and leverage on passive abilities to slash and whack your way through Night City.

Two such arm cybernetics are Mantis Blades and Monowire – both unique in their own right and offering some thrilling killing methods. Here we peg them against one another and see how they can be got.

Mantis Blades vs. Monowire: Arm Upgrades, Stats, and Mods

The Arasaka Mantis Blades are arm cybernetics, inspired by the legs of a Mantis, and a blend between melee weapons and bionic muscles. Players would remember them from the early game teasers. They are stunningly powerful and efficient and can be used for a complete melee takedown or be used in conjunction with external weapons for quick takedowns, whatever players prefer.

On the other hand, we have Monowire (or Nanowire), a synthetic filament wire that functions as a stealth weapon, a sharp whip, and even a hacking tool. With its molecule wide cutting edge, you can take down enemies without making too much noise especially when you’re in a hostile area.

Arm Upgrades

Both the weapons are dual-wielded arm upgrades and can be equipped in the Arms Slots in Cyberware under Inventory. The Mantis Blades are a Legendary tier item that lets you slice and slash enemies with swift blade movements, dealing damage rapidly and even dismembering them. The Monowire is a Rare item, also one that can dismember an enemy with its wire welting highly concentrated damage like a sharp whip. It charges when equipped but isn’t being used and deals bonus damage based on the level of charge (both declining with each attack).

Mantis Blades Stats

  • Tier: Legendary
  • Damage: 118-144
  • Physical Damage: 63-77
  • Attack Speed: 2
  • Bleeding Chance: 10%
  • Critical Damage: 10%

Do note that these stats vary depending on your level and improve automatically as you level up. This is something that differentiates Cybernetics from other Weapon types. Higher attack speeds increase chances for Critical Damage and Bleeding so can slice through your enemies fast and clear the room relatively easily.

Monowire Stats

  • Tier: Rare
  • Damage: 178-218
  • Physical Damage: 73-90
  • Attack Speed: 2.5
  • Bleeding Chance: 10%

It is advisable to get both these cybernetic arm upgrades early on in the game (all Cybernetics for that matter) since the more you use them the sooner their stats will increase. Some additional stats like Critical Damage stats may not show up as they’re linked to your skills and your level. Even without them, however, these blades are quite powerful.


Both these arm cybernetics are moddable, which means you can improve both Mantis Blades and Monowire with special mods that increase physical damage, attack speed, etc.

For the Mantis Blades, we’ve found two out of three mods so far:

  • Physical Damage: Quickly attacks will apply Burn.
  • Blade Damage: Deals rapid damage that increase the chance of dismembering the enemy.

Additionally, focusing on Reflective skills will improve the blades further; three damage point increase for every point invested in this attribute. A few other passive perks will also augment blade damage and speed. These are:

  • Roaring Waters (upgradable thrice): Deals 30% extra damage
  • Sting Like a Bee: Increases blade attack speed
  • Unbroken Spirit: Counter Attacks restore 25% health and stamina

For Monowire, we have the following mods:

  • Monowire Battery: Increases charge damage by 50%.
  • Chemical Damage: A single attack poisons multiple enemies, very effective against groups.

The Monowire passive upgrades correlate with Street Brawler skills and the Body attribute. Additionally, focusing on the Cool attribute will also increase its damage by 3.

How to get Mantis Blades

You’ll have to visit Ripperdocs (white scissors icon on the map) to get the Mantis Blades. Some of them may not have them so you might have to look around a bit. You can purchase them if you are at Street Cred 20 or above.

Alternatively, you can navigate to Corpo Plaza in the City Center District where you’ll find a side job. Do save the game before entering as sometimes the Mantis Blades don’t appear. As soon as you enter the plaza, you’ll find the chest on the right by the wall containing the blades. You’ll still have to go to a Ripperdoc to get them installed and equipped.

How to get Mantis Blade for free

How to get Monowire

To get the Monowire, you’ll have to take Regina Jones’ gig Shark in The Water and let her lead you. As soon as you get to the pharmacy, turn left and you’ll get to a garage door round the corner. Inside it, next to the tires, you’ll find the crate that contains the Monowire.

Those who have already completed the gig without the Monowire can still find the pharmacy in Kabuki. On the map, the pharmacy is marked as ‘Roger Wang Pharmacy’, the only one in the area so it’s not difficult to locate. Get to the same shuttered garage door, open it, and find the Monowire.

Like all Cybernetics, you’ll have to get to a Ripperdoc for processing.

How to get Monowire for free