Cyberpunk 2077 Panam: Should You Romance Her? Choices and Consequences

What good is an adult role-playing game if you can’t choose your mate? No good at all. Sex is everywhere in Night City and V can easily have one-night stands or get it on with street girls. But there are some relationships that require some heart and can only be built if you are willing to invest in them. One such romance option is Panam Palmer, which V comes across when looking for Anders Hellman. Let’s see what you need to romance her body and mind.

Who is Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077?

We first encounter Panam Palmer the ex-nomad when looking for Anders Hellman. It may not look like she’s interested in V at first, but if you pursue her side quests, and play your cards right, things slowly fall into place for the both of you. As a romance option, she is rather nervous and withdrawn, not one to wear her heart on her sleeve, which is why you need to capitalize on every opportunity you get to get closer to her.

What do you need for romancing Panam?

Panam is straight and swings only one way. So, the decision you make about V’s sex is going to determine whether the option of romancing with her even opens up for you. There are possibilities for sexual orientations of all types, but fortunately or not, Panam is old-school and will fancy only male V. You can still do her side quests and talk to her, but don’t expect to get hot and steamy with her if your V is female.

Panam Romance Consequences

A relationship with Panam is unique and rewarding, in that it unlocks the ability to explore the different game endings.

There are two endings to Cyberpunk 2077: the Finale; and the Epilogue, which comes afterward. The type of epilogue one gets will vary depending on the finale itself. But what you do after the Finale will also have an impact.

A total of four final missions and as many epilogues can be unlocked depending on not just your choices in the main quests but also how many and which side quests you complete. As such, there are quite a few branching narratives that can be got.

You will want to keep Panam close if you want to increase your chances of getting other than the default ending missions, especially since interaction with her entails pursuing side quests.

How to Romance Panam

V comes to know Panam in the main storyline but doesn’t get to be intimate with her until a few side missions involving her are completed. Also, V has to show enough care for Panam to become infatuated with him and grow to like him. Here are the choices that you should make if you want to see them end up together, and get the chance to unlock potential endings. Getting to an NPCs heart is not rocket science; support her, be warm and welcoming, touch her when possible, and just make sure you don’t make any obvious wrong moves.

Ghost Town

This is the main mission in Act 2 when Panam is first introduced, and yes, you have to play it cool. Accept the drink when offered and make a good first impression. Take it all in, because you won’t see her for a while.

Riders on the Storm

During this side quest, the two of you are trapped inside a house during a sandstorm, the perfect time to make a move. But being nervous and shy, she will be unwilling to give in in the beginning. Take her side when speaking with Saul; she’ll appreciate it. Later, ask her to take her shoes off, be a bit bold, and touch her thigh. This should send some butterflies flying.

With a little Help From My Friends

In this quest, we continue to court and woo her, first by concealing her plan from Soul, and later by telling her that she was missed and touching her hand. But hold your horses; we’re not there yet. Stay patient and keep working with her. Every opportunity will get you one step closer. By the campfire, when the opportunity presents itself, scooch closer to her and get her in your arms, watching the night sky. So romantic!

Queen of the Highway

This is the final step in getting it on with Panam. Before you get some shooting practice going, invite Panam to the Basilisk by telling her how cozy it is. Once inside the Basilisk, let her impulses do the talking and get physical with V. This is the bit where they consummate, both in body and mind, in a stunning, steamy, strictly-for-adults cut-scene culminating at the final climax.

And that’s all you need to do to romance Panam. It’s not that hard as long as you don’t do anything to upset her, take small steps to get her to come out of her shell, and start trusting you with her feelings. The final outcome is well worth all the investment.