What Happens if You Romance Judy in Cyberpunk?

Love is in the air. In Night City’s smog-ridden, neon-drenched air as bullets rip across the sky, Cyberpsychos howl in gleeful bloodlust, and Netrunners force curbside suicide. Of all the possible romances available to players in Cyberpunk 2077, the most coveted appears to be that of Judy Alvarez, the prettiest Braindance editor Lizzie’s has ever had. Indeed, it truly was love at first synaptic-hookup.

But in-case you went with a masculine V, or your smooth-talking failed you while prepping for your heist, you might have been left wondering what might have been.

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What Happens if You Romance Judy in Cyberpunk?

What Happens if You Romance Judy in Cyberpunk 2077? - Judy headshot

If you go through all the necessary steps regarding how to romance Ms. Alvarez — which necessitates the full completion of her main, five part questline, you’ll be able to engage in a romantic sequence with Judy. Again, only if you are a feminine V — if you don’t play for the team she roots for, you won’t have access to her romance.

Why should you care? Because it can directly factor into your ending. More specifically, whether or not you reach one of the potential “good” endings as opposed to one of the bad ones.

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(Spoiler Free) How To Set Up a Potential Good Ending

What Happens if You Romance Judy Alvarez in Cyberpunk 2077? Judy Sitting at her chair.

After your initial Braindance session where Judy and Evelyn give you a tour of your target’s apartment through Ev’s memory, Judy will fade into the background until later on, when the Automatic Love quest brings her back into the fold. From then onwards, you have two main priorities to keep in mind when vying for her romance:

  • Keeping Judy involved in the quest as much as possible. This means staying in touch with her as often as possible.
  • Not pissing her off. Judy will make her opinions on certain key decision points during her questline. Make sure to follow her lead for the most part and you’ll keep that fire burning.

Eventually, if you’ve played your cards right, you’ll come to the end of her final quest, Pyramid Song, and be given the pretty obvious option to start a romance. You’ll know it when you get there.

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Listen to this next part, this is critical: Next morning, when Judy asks you what you think about last night, be sure to reply with “The beginning of something amazing.” 

This implies you’re interested in a longer-term romance with Judy, which is non-negotiable if you’re looking for a good ending to the main story.

And it’s also, well, the right move when anybody asks you that question. Unless they’re a cyberpsycho.

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