Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Build: God of All Geeks Build

Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Build - Widow Maker in action

The Technical Ability skill trees are probably the most overlooked in all of Cyberpunk 2077 by those looking to deal serious damage. Passed over in favor of flashy katana builds, beefy gorilla-arm setups, or stylish gunslinger archetypes, the Engineering tree, in particular, happens to contain some of the most ridiculously overpowered perks in the entire game. With single perks like Ubercharge and Revamp capable of ushering you damage output into whole new magnitudes of power single-handedly, it’s shocking that few players take advantage of them.

Down below, we’ll run you through a solid Tech build, meant for engineers who use their brains to separate their opponent’s from theirs. By stacking the ridiculous amount of damage modifiers to Tech weapons from the Engineering skill tree on top of the more widely-recognized damage-buffs in the Assault skill tree, we create a monstrous phenom of a killing machine that cover is absolutely useless against. Not to mention the fact that a high Technical Ability stat gives you access to what is certifiably the most broken cyberware equipment in the entire game: Feedback Circuit.

Indeed, with a seemingly limitless supply of overpowered grenades and Tech weapons that can pierce just about anything at a moment’s notice, nowhere in Night City is safe from your merciless Kiroshi Optics.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Build: God of All Geeks Build

This is a more off-the-beaten-path build that is centered solely upon a charged weapon — if you don’t enjoy the Tech playstyle, this isn’t the build for you. That said, if you don’t mind powering up your attacks like the futuristic firearm equivalent of a Ki Blast, this Cyberpunk 2077 Tech build is pretty much all you need to annihilate any and all who dare to oppose you.


Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Build - Weapons

Widow Maker

One of the best charged weapons in the game, Widow Maker is a Precision Rifle that performs well at all ranges — up close, medium, or sniping from afar, its small spread effect lets you obliterate opponents with ease. An added bonus to Widow Maker’s competent base damage is its chemical damage on-hit effect that adds some extra DoT damage on top of the already extreme knockout power.


Breakthrough is a rare hybrid of Tech/Power weapons, sporting both the penetrative charge ability of Tech and the ricochet effect of Power weapons. On top of that it’s a hard-hitting sniper rifle that benefits from all of your Engineering and Assault perks to absolutely annihilate opponents with pinpoint accuracy.


Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Build - Cyberware

Frontal Cortex

Heal-On-Kill ($5,000-$35,000)

Heal-On-Kill instantly restores 2-10% health upon kill. When combined with Feedback Circuit, killing a single enemy with a fully-charged shot literally restores 1/5 of your max health. Use at your own risk — this makes you, for all intents and purposes, an unkillable reaper of the urban battlefield.

Circulatory System

Feedback Circuit ($9,000-$21,000)

Feedback Circuit restores 3-10% health when you discharge a fully charged Tech weapon. Yes, you read that right. There is no cooldown, and you don’t have to hit an enemy. You can spam this to restore health from behind cover and cheese your way through the whole game, should you choose.

Microgenerator ($1,000-$7,000)

Automatically releases an EMP that deals 20-50% of nearby targets max HP as damage and, at Epic/Legendary variants, Shocks them when your health drops below 15%. Not a critical component of the build but is an extra piece of cyberware you’ll pass the stat-check for and one that costs almost nothing for a nice little bonus.

Nervous System

Kerenzikov ($5,000-$35,000)

Attacking, aiming, or blocking while dodging automatically dilates time by 50-90% for 1.5-3.5 seconds (5-second cooldown). One of the more popular cyberware implants and for good reason: Kerenzikov can be used offensively, defensively, and frequently. 

Nanorelays ($6,000-$20,000)

Nanorelays increase the duration of Kerenzikov and Sandevistan time dilation effects by 05-2 seconds. This is recommended over the otherwise excellent Reflex Tuner for the simple fact that with the health coming in from Feedback Circuit and Heal-on-Kill as well as the Innovation perk, your health should never be low enough to trigger it.

Integumentary System

Subdermal Armor ($2,000-$14,000)

Though it scales off by mid to late game, if you can nab Subdermal Armor’s legendary variant early on, the added 200 armor can make you something of a real tank to lower-level enemies.

Grounding Plating ($12,000)

Grants full immunity against Shock effects.

Operating System

Militech “Falcon” Sandevistan MK.5 ($43,750)

Dilates time by 30% for 18 seconds, during which flat damage is increased by 15% alongside a 20% and 35% buff to crit chance and crit damage respectively (60-second cooldown). Comes with 3 mod slots. Nanorelays boost duration to 20 seconds.


Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Build - Perks

Technical Ability


The perks listed below are centered around damage and combat efficiency, rather than the crafting element of the game. Players can feel free to allot points into perks like Grease Monkey, Ex-Nihilo, Upgrade Efficiency, etc how they choose.

  • Cutting Edge 1/1 (20) – Increases damage and related stats of all crafted weapons by 5%. This might not sound like much but it’s free flat damage ripe for the plucking that can add up once multipliers and other buffs get added into the mix.
  • Waste Not Want Not 1/1 (16) – Gives you back attached mods when disassembling weapons — very useful for those times when you’re reluctant to attach a top-tier mod on a weapon you’re unsure will last long enough to justify its use.
  • Innovation 2/2 (9) – Consumables are 50% more effective. Important for making use of the less potent Bounce Backs in case you’re ever out of Max Docs.
  • Sapper 2/2 (9) – Grenades deal 20% more damage
  • Field Technician 2/2 (16) – Crafted weapons deal 5% more damage. Again, doesn’t sound like much but when combined with Cutting Edge, well, that can really add up.
  • Lightning Bolt 3/3 (12) – Increases Crit Chances with Tech weapons by 10%.
  • Shrapnel 1/1 (7) – All grenades get a flat 20 damage boost on top of their traditional effects.
  • Blast Shielding 3/3 (3) – Reduces damage taken from enemy grenades by 30%. If you’ve noticed anything about Cyberpunk 2077’s cover system, it’s that enemies don’t like it. Grenades get tossed around surprisingly frequently for an urban environment, so Blast Shielding’s a great perk to level up early.
  • Up to 11 2/2 (9) – Up to 11 allows you to charge Tech Weapons up to 100% capacity, giving you an immense damage boost when looking to put holes in people.
  • Gun Whisperer 1/1 (14) – Probably the most important perk for any tech build, Gun Whisperer lets you charge up your Tech Weapon and keep it primed. This gives you much better accuracy for your opening silo and synergizes beautifully with Widow Maker and Tech Rifles in general.
  • Fuck All Walls 1/1 (16) – Reduces the charge needed to penetrate walls with Tech weapons by 30%. Convenient, helps you piece through cover at a higher rate of fire.
  • Can’t Touch This 1/1 (5) – Renders you immune to your own grenades. This opens up a world of possibilities, especially in conjunction with flashbangs and close-combat.
  • Ubercharge 1/1 (14) – Increases fully charged Tech weapon damage by a staggering 50% — one of the most broken perks in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Tesla 3/3 (12) – Raises the Charge damage multiplier by 55%, another ridiculously massive flat damage buff for Tech weapons that too often goes ignored.
  • Lickety Split 2/2 (18) – Reduces charge time for Tech Weapons by 30%.
  • Revamp 1/1 (20) – Increases the damage from all Tech Weapons by a flat 25% (+1% per perk level) and charged-damage from Tech weapons and chargeable cyberware by another 10% (+1% per perk level). One of the biggest single-perk damage buffs in the entire game.


  • Bullet Jock 3/3 (0) – Increases damage with SMGs and Rifles by 10%.
  • Bullseye 1/1 (7) – Increases rifle damage while aiming by 10%.
  • Duck Hunter 2/2 (9) – Increases damage to moving targets by 20%.
  • Named Bullets 1/1 (14) – Increases crit damage with rifles and SMGs by 35%.
  • Trench Warfare 2/2 (12) – Increases rifle and SMG damage by 10% when firing from behind cover.
  • Feel the Flow 2/2 (11) – Reduces reload time for SMGs and rifles by 20%.
  • Covering Killshot 2/2 (5) – Increase crit chance by 20% with Rifles and SMGs when firing from behind cover.
  • Executioner 1/1 (7) – Rifles and SMGs deal 25% more damage to enemies with over 50% health.
  • Longshot 1/1 (18) – Damage scales with distance
  • Savage Stoic 1/1 (20) – RIfle and SMG damage is increased by a ridiculous 35% flat while standing still
  • Shoot, Reload, Repeat 2/2 (9) – Reduces reload time for rifles and SMGs by 40% for 5 seconds upon kill. One of the few reload buffs truly worth the perk points early.
  • Nerves of Steel 2/2 (11) – Increases headshot damage with Sniper and Precision rifles by 30%. Synergizes beautifully with Widow Maker.
  • Bunker 1/1 (16) – Increases armor and resistances by 15% when firing from behind cover with Rifles and SMGs