Elden Ring: How to switch arrows

Elden Ring is the new hit open-world RPG in town developed by FromSoftware. The game has been garnering great reviews all around and has become notorious for its steep learning curve.

If you’re like me and have recently started playing Elden Ring then you know that your Equipment makes a huge difference in the game. This is one of the reasons why it is a good idea to get a good bow as soon as possible.

This will allow you to fire arrows from a distance to take down enemies without ever having to confront them. Bows in Elden Ring allow you to fire 2 types of arrows from your inventory based on your selection and here’s how you can switch between them in the game.

How to switch arrows in Elden Ring

Switching in Elden Ring is not a mechanism, instead, firing different arrows relies on your light and strong attack. This means that light attacks will fire arrows in your first slot and heavy attacks will fire arrows in your second slot.

This will allow you to use dedicated keystrokes or buttons for switching arrows while facing an enemy in the game. Here’s how you can fire different arrows depending on your platform.

For Xbox Users

  • Arrow Slot 1: RB
  • Arrow Slot 2: RT
  • Precise Aim: LB

For PlayStation users

  • Arrow Slot 1: R1
  • Arrow Slot 2: R2
  • Precise Aim: L1

For PC Users

  • Arrow Slot 1: Left Mouse Button (LMB)
  • Arrow Slot 2: Shift + Left Mouse Button (LMB)
  • Precise Aim: Right Mouse Button (RMB)

You can use the following buttons and keys to fire two kinds of arrows when you are using bows in Elden Ring.

Can you remap controls for Arrows?

Yes, you can easily change keybindings in Elden Ring depending on your preference.

Keep in mind that the game does not allow overlapping keybindings which means that you might have to swap controls instead if you are using a controller.

Best bows in Elden Ring

Here are some of the most powerful bows in Elden Ring. Having these in your arsenal will make you a long-range threat for most foes that are yet to spot you.

Pulley Bow

  • Range: 55
  • Damage: 77
  • Critical: 100
  • Scaling
    • Strength: D
    • Dexterity: D
  • Weight: 5.0


  • Range: 50
  • Damage: 80
  • Critical: 100
  • Scaling
    • Strength: E
    • Dexterity: D
  • Weight: 4.0

Note: The Longbow allows for the use of ashes of war. 

Serpent Bow

  • Range: 50
  • Damage: 75
  • Critical: 100
  • Scaling
    • Strength: E
    • Dexterity: D
    • Arcane: D
  • Weight: 3.5

Note: The Serpent Bow has extra poison build-up abilities for additional damage. 

Horn Bow

  • Range: 50
  • Damage: 65
  • Critical: 100
  • Scaling
    • Strength: E
    • Dexterity: D
    • Intelligence: E
  • Weight: 4.5

Note: The horn bow also allows for the use of Ashes of War. 

And that’s it! That’s how you can switch between arrows in Elden Ring.

If you have any more questions for us or face any issues, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.