How Tall is Spud Webb?

Basketball is one of the most celebrated — if not the most — celebrated sports in the United States. Being a high-impact contact sport, it demands the players to be in their best possible shape. However, that’s not the only criterion for being an NBA player.

Generally, basketball is dominated by tall sportspersons, which isn’t a surprise given the objective of the game and method of play. Still, despite the odds, there are times when some people refuse to bow down to the rule of nature. And today, we’ll take a look at the stature of one such anomaly — Spud Webb.

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How tall is Spud Webb?

Michael Anthony Jerome “Spud” Webb is a former NBA star, whose stature was hardly acceptable for the sport. The Dallas-born player is only 5.6ft (1.68m) tall, which, as you can guess, is one of the most “inadequate” stats you’re likely to see in basketball. However, his short stature couldn’t keep him from his dreams.

Not only was the “Spud” was drafted in the NBA in 1985, but he also won the 1986 Slam Dunk contest, becoming one of the shortest players in history to do so. Webb is currently working as the president of the basketball operations for the Texas Legends.