Where Does Harry Styles Live And Where Is He From?

Unless you are living in a cave, hunting for your own food, and completely cut off from civilization (but since you are reading this, none of that may be true), you must have heard of Harry Styles. The former One Direction member has been making waves, whether it is for his flamboyant dressing or large vocal range.

How much do you know about Harry Styles’ personal life? If you are curious to know more about where he lives and where he is from, we’ve got all the answers for you. Read on to know more!

Where Was Harry Styles Born And Where Is He From?

Harry Styles was born in Redditch, a town located in the Worcestershire county of England.

During his childhood, he moved with his family and settled in the Holmes Chapel village of Cheshire county. He attended the Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School and worked at the W. Mandeville Bakery at £6 per hour.

Harry Styles’ Musical Career Before One Direction

Everyone knows about Harry Styles’ rise to fame with the hit reality TV show, X Factor. But did you know that Harry Styles was also the lead singer of a local pop-punk band called the White Eskimo

Harry Styles had joined White Eskimo during his high school days, and the group went on to win several Battle of Bands and similar competitions. They even played at weddings and local events. 

It is around the same time when Harry, through his mother’s support, auditioned at The X Factor. He performed a rendition of Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely, which landed him in the show’s Bootcamp. However, his solo failed to take off, but in the process, he ended up becoming a part of the sensational boy band – One Direction.

Top-Rated Harry Styles Songs

In 2016, Harry Styles left One Direction and embarked on a solo career. He signed a record deal with Columbia Records while also starting his own record label – Erskine Records. He has been writing, producing, and performing various songs since. 

According to Billboard, the top Harry Styles songs are:

  1. Watermelon Sugar
  2. Adore You
  3. Golden
  4. Falling

Apart from these highly-rated songs, his other hit singles, such as Sign of the Times, Sweet Creatures, Lights Up, and Kiwi, also enjoy a massive amount of popularity.

Harry Styles’ Acting Stint

Apart from giving the world a gift of his voice, Harry Styles has also dabbled around with acting. 

Naturally, his most notable on-screen appearance is in the documentary One Direction: This Is Us, which outlines the band’s musical journey. Other similar projects, of which he has been a part of, include One Direction: Where We Are – The Concert Film and Harry Styles: Behind The Album

The Brit also has a cameo in Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Dunkirk to his credit, and he has played himself in an episode of iCarly. Additionally, he has been a host and guest at Saturday Night Live and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman are two of his yet-to-be-released films that mark his journey as a serious thespian.

How Old Is Harry Styles?

Harry Styles was born on the 1st of February, 1994.

As on date, he is 27 years old.

Where Does Harry Styles Live?

Given Harry Styles’ versatile and expanding career, it goes without saying that he has traveled the world. 

But he has to set base somewhere, right?

Interestingly, Harry has decided to call both the US and the UK his home.

At present, Harry Styles owns three neighboring properties in the affluent residential area of Hampstead, North-West London. It is speculated that he is drawing inspiration from his close friend, Ed Sheeran, who also owns several houses in Suffolk with the intention of building a vast mansion.

Harry’s first property, which he bought at the age of 18, cost him £3 million. His next purchase, a five-bedroom Georgian house across the road from his first house, cost him £8 million in 2019. His latest purchase in 2020 was an 18th-century villa, costing him around £4.175 million. It is believed that these properties were all once a part of a massive house, and based on the renovations, Harry might have concrete plans to patch them all together.

In the USA, Harry owned a three-bedroom, five-bathroom property in Los Angeles that he bought for £5.3 million. However, he sold this property for £4.8 million in 2019 before buying his third Hampstead house. He cites his disillusionment with the city as the primary reason for making the sale.

But selling his LA pad does not mean that he is cutting his ties with the States. The singer continues to divide his time between the UK and the USA due to his lower Manhattan apartment. Harry owns an apartment in the hip, upscale Tribeca neighborhood of New York. This house in 443 Greenwich puts him amidst other A-listers, such as Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. The three-bedroom and three-bathroom loft apartment covering 3,000 square feet cost him £7 million. 

Despite the fact that his roots run deeper in the UK, Harry Styles had to spend isolation in California as the lockdown canceled his chances of returning.

Harry Styles’ Privacy and Security Concerns

While Harry Styles may have several homes to his name, privacy and a sense of security is a luxury that the star cannot afford. His distasteful experiences are the primary reasons why the pop star is so tight-lipped about his whereabouts.

In 2019, Harry Styles helped a homeless man by offering him food and shelter, only to have him stalk the star. The perpetrator, Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, camped outside his home and attempted to attack him while he was on a run. Pablo was slapped with a restraining order, which banned him from going within 250m of the singer.

While this incident was no less of a shock, a year later, Harry was also mugged. He was held at knifepoint only five minutes away from his Hampstead home. Opening up at an interview, Harry confessed that he gave them all his money and sprinted away as two cars driving by distracted the thieves.

Featured Image Source: hstyles.co.uk