Where is Thanoscopter in Loki episode 5 and what is it?

Loki is undoubtedly the best show on the internet right now. One wouldn’t imagine that episode 5 would turn out to be so fantastic, yet it managed to surpass all expectations. The Void, from the looks of it, became a memorable playground for the comic in the first ten minutes of the episode. Marvel, in its enthusiasm and probably just for fun included some cool comic references in the form of easter eggs throughout The Void. Here’s everything you need to know about the Thanoscopter in Loki’s episode 5 (of Season 1).

Alert: Spoilers ahead!

What is the Thanoscopter?

Image Credit: Marvel Database

The Thanoscopter makes its appearance in the chaos of The Void as the Lokis navigate their way to Kid Loki’s hiding place. It’s barely visible for a second before the frame changes to focus on different scenes. Fans are tripping over the appearance of the Thanoscopter because of how unexpected it was to come across one in the episode.

But the Thanoscopter is absolutely not relevant to the MCU as of yet. It is more of a tribute to the comicverse when the Thanoscopter makes its appearance in ‘The Cat and the Cosmic Cube’. It is the yellow helicopter that Thanos uses to attack Hellcat for the Cosmic Cube that she held in her hand. The yellow helicopter is identifiable with his name (THANOS) written in bold and uppercase text across the tail of the helicopter.

The Thanoscopter is more of a tribute to the sharp attention of fans who would love this stumble upon this reference in episode 5 of Loki. Marvel has the sprinkled a number of easter eggs from the comicverse across The Void. It may take a few days to uncover every single one of them, but the Thanoscopter was a popular one that stood out thanks to its color scheme and comic reference.

Where is the Thanoscopter in episode 5?

The Thanoscopter appears in the background in the form of a dilapidated yellow helicopter in the first 10 minutes of the episode. As Loki meets the other Lokis whilst in the middle of an attack by Alioth, one will get a glance of the helicopter as they traverse to their safe haven. Make sure to pay attention otherwise you will miss the Thanoscopter.

Besides the Thanoscopter, one will also get a glimpse of Frog Thor in a jar if they keep a keen eye on the screen. Marvel has turned the first part of episode 5 into a real treat for comic fans. As the MCU plots move away from the comicverse with time, it is nice of them to invoke nostalgia the way they are so that fans can reminisce in different ways.