Where is Captain Lasky in Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite campaign was recently released to the public and despite the woes with multiplayer, the campaign mode seems to be garnering great reviews. The new story picks up on Zeta Halo where everything has been destroyed and the Banished are to be blamed.

Amidst all this was the UNSC Infinity, a classified and experimental Infinity class supercarrier helmed by Captain Thomas Lasky. So where is he and what happened to him? Let’s find out!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Where is Captain Lasky

Captain Lasky’s current whereabouts are unknown. As the tale from Halo Infinite goes, after suffering heavy casualties and damage to the ship, Lasky orders evacuation on the ship and manages to leave in a Lifepod himself.

After this, there are only a few references to Lasky here and there in the game, with Audio Logs making up most of the chunk.

Is Captain Lasky dead?

So far it doesn’t seem so, Lasky managed to leave in a Lifepod which pretty much guarantees survival. How, where, or in what condition, that remains to be the same.

The prevailing theory seems to be the new location for the Banished’s actual plan that is revealed in the game. It is most likely that Captain Lasky rounded up all the surviving crew and headed for this location.

Will Captain Lasky be a part of future DLCs?

We don’t expect Lasky to play a pivotal role, but he will likely be a part of the upcoming DLCs to the game which will introduce additional storylines.

343i’s take on Halo Infinite also suggests that the game is here to stay which means that more story is coming in the future and it is most likely that the surviving captain and his crewmates will be a part of it.

We hope this post helped you learn about Captain Lasky and his whereabouts in Halo Infinite. If you face any issues or have any more questions for us, feel free to drop a comment below.