How to get to the FOB Hotel in Halo Infinite?

Right after being released, Halo Infinite has already started earning all the love and appreciation from its fans. Enthusiastic players and the pros have already started killing it in the latest story from the Halo series.

But as fun, as it is to play Halo Infinite, players might sometimes run into campaign problems that they can’t find a solution for, so here’s to one of the common problems and queries with Mission 9.

What is FOB in Halo Infinite?

FOBs or Forward Operating Bases, are the key locations on the open-world map of Zeta Halo, occupied by the Banished. The FOBs used to be the bases from where the UNSC handled all their operations on Zeta Halo.

Lost to the Banished during their first descent on Zeta Halo, the FOBs must be recaptured now to progress the mission and ensure the elimination of the Banished forces.

What is the importance of the FOBs in mission 9?

Mission 9 starts with the primary objective to ‘Enter the Command Spire’, but turns out to be a completely different story when accessing the terminal doesn’t work the way its supposed to. The player is soon given the objective to ‘Reconstruct the Forerunner Sequence’, for which he/she must access the four beacons spread across the map.

Each of these four beacons are paired with an FOB, and could give the player a good starting point for taking on the beacon. The four FOBs along with the beacons are FOB November – Eastern Beacon, FOB Kilo – Southern Beacon, FOB Juliet – Northern Beacon, and FOB Hotel – Southwestern Beacon. Taking over the FOBs before heading for the beacon gives the player the leverage of getting better weapons, ammo, and reinforcements to help through the battles.

How to use an FOB

FOBs are heavily guarded by the Banished forces which could include Elites, Hunters, Brutes, Grunts, Jackals, and Skimmers. Well-armed and thirsty for your blood, the Banished won’t give in so easy, so you might have to give it all that you have got. But once you have taken care of the Banished forces guarding it, you can hack into the controls located at the middle of the FOB and have it under your control.

Once under your control, the FOBs will be populated by friendly forces (Marines) and can be used to turn tables around. Allowing the player to spawn vehicles, weapons and call for Reinforcements, the Fobs enhance the whole Halo experience. Make note that everything is locked and you must have certain Valor points in order to unlock better vehicles, weapons, and well-equipped Marine soldiers.

Why is the FOB Hotel more important than the other three?

For those who are not too inclined towards earning extra Valor points by going through the struggle to capture all the FOBs, the Hotel FOB is the primary base that will help them finish the mission. Located in the Southern area of the map, FOB Hotel is close to two of the beacons and must be captured in order to make the campaign a little less challenging for the players, specifically on harder difficulty levels.

For players who don’t have enough Valor points to spawn a Wasp, the FOB Hotel has two Banshees parked just down the hill. You can use these Banshees for making the travel to the first three beacons easier.

How to get to the FOB Hotel in Halo Infinite

The easiest way to get to the FOB Hotel is to steal a Banshee and fly straight for it. While crossing the bridge after failing to access the terminal, you will encounter many Banshees, try stealing one of them with your Grappling hook.

If you managed to do it right, you will have a free vehicle that will lead you to the key to the Mission 9 campaign. Try gaining a high altitude and use the boost on the Banshee to quickly cross any Banished patrols that you don’t want to mess with.

What after the FOB Hotel?

Once you have taken control of the FOB Hotel, you can either spawn a Wasp or use the Banshees down the hill to fly to the nearest beacons. You can take the Wasp or a Banshee and approach the beacons from the back to launch a surprise attack on the Banished.

After taking out the banished, head to the access terminals in the beacons and finish your job there. You are good to fly to the first three beacons in the same manner, but for the Southwestern beacon, you should better try to spawn a Warthog or Scorpion. Once you have collected the necessary data from the four beacons, head back to the primary objective and now you will be able to access the terminal.

We hope this post helped shed some light on the FOB Hotel in Halo Infinite. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.