Who is the leader of the Banished?

Here’s everything you need to know about who is at the helm of the Banished.

What is the goal of the Banished on Zeta Halo?

Zeta Halo is one of the original 12 Halo rings which were actually built by the Forerunners. The massive damage that the ring has suffered through time has rendered it useless to be used as a weapon, until and unless it receives some repair.

As one of the most ancient rings in the Halo Array, Zeta Halo is home to a number of secrets and mysteries. The Banished on Zeta Halo have been assigned to take control of the Ring in order to uncover its secrets and mysteries which could help the Banished gain an upper hand against the Humans. Their primary goals are to find a way to fire the damaged ring and to free the Endless.

Why is Atriox not with the Banished in Halo Infinite?

The absence of Atriox in Halo Infinite led to many theories and speculations, where fans suggested that he is either dead or is just engaged in something that might be of greater importance to the Banished. But for those who manage to finish the Halo Infinite campaign on legendary difficulty, you will find him during the end credits.

Seen on what seems to be some sort of a Forerunner structure, Atriox is busy freeing the Endless from their Cylixes. The end credits do confirm that Atriox indeed was busy taking care of important matters and thus could not be with the Banished in Halo Infinite.

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Who is the leader of the Banished?

Halo Infinite introduced Chief Escharum, a veteran Jiralhanae war-chief, as the leader of the Banished on Zeta Halo. As the mentor of Atriox and the leading member of the ‘Hand of Atriox’, Escharum served as the second in command to the Banished and presumed the leadership in the absence of Atriox.

Allied with the ruthless Harbinger, Chief Escharum was determined towards putting an end to the adventures of the Master Chief, or either die doing so. During his final battle with the Master Chief, Escharum meets his death, thus returning the leadership back to Atriox.

Who will lead the Banished now after Escharum’s death?

Escharum’s death could put the leadership of the Banished in the hands of the Harbinger; but the Master Chief manages to eliminate the Harbinger in a battle at the Silent Auditorium, thus leaving the Banished without a potential leader.

But with the End Credits bringing back Atriox, there is no doubt that the Banished will once again be led by their former leader. It is assumed that Atriox will return as the leader of the Banished in the story that lies right after Halo Infinite.


Did Master Chief kill Escharum?

Yes, the Master Chief killed Escharum. During a battle to free the Pilot of the Echo 216, the Master chief is challenged by Escharum for a one-on-one fight, in which the Master Chief manages to deal enough damage to the serving leader of the Banished. Long suffering from his illness and the damage dealt by Master Chief leads to the death of Chief Escharum in the torture chamber.

Is Escharum’s death an end for the Banished?

No, Escharum’s death is not an end for the Banished. The Banished include fighters from multiple species, all united in the name of their former leader – Atriox. The absence of a serving leader on Zeta Halo might result into a chaotic mess, but the Banished would get back to their original ideals as soon as Atriox returns to lead them.

The Master Chief talked about the consequences of the death of the Banished leader. What did he mean then?

The long history of the Halo series has shown us the determination and spirit of the Banished towards their goals. Be it Atriox, Escharum, Decimus, or any other of the Banished officers and soldiers; they have all given everything they have got to turn the Banished into a faction that has surpassed the Covenant.

What lies next after Escharum’s death is not revealed to us yet, but the consequences sure can change how the Halo world has been till now. The most speculated being the return of the Endless as allies to the Banished, would simply mean a bloodier battle for the humans and the Master Chief.

Will Atriox return to lead the Banished?

Yes, Atriox might return to lead the Banished. The end credits indicate that Atriox has freed the ancient species of the Endless, and could possibly rise back to lead the Banished with the Endless on his side. The Endless are a species that were feared for their ruthless killing intent and had the power to eliminate whoever they faced. With the support of the Endless, Atriox could make the Banished even stronger than it was before.