How to get a Killing Spree in Halo Infinite

Microsoft recently untied the threads on the latest installment of the Halo Series with an open beta to Halo Infinite multiplayer last week. The first-person shooter has quickly become one of the most played titles of this month with players from across the globe engaging in several hours of multiplayer sessions in one go.

If you’ve been playing the game for the last week, you may have definitely greeted with its first limited-time event – Fracture: Tenrai. The event hosts a series of challenges, some of which are based on Fiesta – a series of limited-time 4v4 matches set inside medium-sized locations. Although Fiesta matches are part of the game’s weekly challenges, you need to complete each one of them to level up inside the Fracture: Tenrai event.

As part of Fiesta matches, you’ll be required to complete a set of missions, one of which has to earn a killing spree.

What is a killing spree in Halo Infinite?

As the name implies, a Killing spree on Halo Infinite refers to making multiple kills in the same match consecutively without getting killed. This means you can earn a killing spree on Halo Infinite only if you make a certain number of kills within the same respawn.

How many kills is a killing spree on Halo Infinite?

In order to earn a Killing Spree medal, you need to kill at least 5 enemies in a row without dying. The manner of these kills isn’t relevant as long as you make them without respawning your character. You can make 5 individual kills or perform several double-kills or triple kills to earn a killing spree.

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How to get killing spree Halo Infinite

While you may think getting 5 kills without dying on Halo Infinite isn’t much of an ask, doing so inside the Fiesta mode can be an uphill task. We say that because, Fiesta matches are 4v4 matches, where you get two random weapons and gear every time you respawn. This means you may not always get your favorite equipment or get to choose them when you respawn which can be challenging when making multiple kills.

Although there’s no easy way to get it, you can use these tips to get a killing spree and achieve other objectives on Fiesta challenges:

  • Try multiple double or triple kills for instant impact
  • Stay away from open spaces
  • Study maps carefully to know where to hide and take cover
  • Save Rocket Launchers to kill multiple enemies in one go
  • Use swords to kill stealthily in the absence of guns or launchers
  • Loot a corpse to get more weapons
  • Use Fiesta matches to learn your way around unknown weapons
  • Use Gravity hammers for short-range kills
  • You can also use the Gravity hammer to camp around a corner or sword and kill enemies who come your way.
  • Use a grappling hook to move faster in tight spaces
  • Use a grappling hook on opponents to slingshot yourself closer to them

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How to complete Fiesta Challenges on Halo Infinite

To achieve points and level up on Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai event, you need to complete a bunch of challenges in Fiesta mode matches. Listed below are some of the objectives that appear inside Fiesta Challenges on Halo Infinite:

  • Earn double kills
  • Earn a killing spree
  • Earn assists in Fiesta
  • Stop an opponent’s killing spree
  • Kill enemy Spartans
  • Kill enemy Spartans with a headshot
  • Complete Fiesta matches

Halo Infinite killing spree medals

Killing Spree is just one of the medals that Halo Infinite has to offer when you’re getting multiple kills without respawning. There are other medals that you can achieve by making more kills in a single spawn:

  • Killing Spree – 5 kills without respawning
  • Killing Frenzy – 10 kills without respawning
  • Running Riot – 15 kills without respawning
  • Rampage – 20 kills without respawning
  • Nightmare – 25 kills without respawning
  • Boogeyman – 30 kills without respawning
  • Grim Reaper – 35 kills without respawning
  • Demon – 40 kills without respawning

That’s all. Now, get on with that killing spree!