Where is the Spirit of Fire in Halo Infinite?

Spirit of Fire is a fan favorite ship that is a Pheonix class support vessel that first showed up in Halo Wars: Genesis. The ship played a major role in Halo Wars 2 where its sudden appearance helped the UNSC quite a lot.

Much has changed since then and with Halo Infinite’s campaign now unfolding for the world, questions about the ship’s whereabouts have started to arise. Where is the Spirit of Fire? Is the crew intact? What happened on the Ark? Let’s find out!

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Where is the Spirit of Fire

The Spirit of Fire is on the Ark fighting the Banished and the Covenant Remanents as we left them in Halo Wars 2. Currently, the latest updates on their whereabouts were found in the Divine Wind novel which you can give a read for more information.

While many had expected Atriox to stay on the Ark and continue the fight, the Banished leader had different plans. His arrival on Zeta Halo and the events of Halo Infinite lead to the destruction of a lot more than the UNSC had anticipated.

The Banished are now stronger, smarter, and better which makes them a highly dangerous adversary.

The Spirit of Fire on the other hand had sworn to stay on the Ark until it was secure, and hence we don’t expect Red Team to show up anytime soon.

Will Spirit of Fire be in a DLC?

This seems to be the most likely reason why the ship hasn’t shown up in Halo Infinite yet. 343i already seems to have plans for a long-term project with Halo Infinite and future DLCs with more of the story and new characters could be a great way to go.

This is all speculation for now because there wasn’t even an audio log mentioning the Spirit of Fire in Halo Infinite.

We hope you were able to get up to speed with the Spirit of Fire and its whereabouts using this post. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.