Halo Infinite Disrupter: Locations, How to use, and Worth explained

Halo Infinite recently launched multiplayer a few days ago and it’s now time to set things in order.

People everywhere have been discussing weapons and a controversial one seems to be the Disruptor. If you too are looking to know more about the Disruptor then here’s all you need to know about it.

What is the Disruptor in Halo Infinite?

The Disrupter is a new Shock class pistol that deals EMP and shock damage. Depending on the scenario Disruptor can take care of multiple enemies at once or help disable in-match vehicles with a few shots.

The Disruptor technically is far better than your Plasma Pistol on paper but how does it fare when it comes to multiplayer and solo matches? The stats below should help you determine that with ease.

Disruptor Stats in Halo Infinite

Disruptor has a perk that allows you to deal damage over time which is called DOT. It also has the Shock ability that disrupts enemy Spartan shields from regenerating for up to 10 seconds and hence its name the ‘Disruptor’.

Landing 3 shots activates DOT and the Shock effect is also activated on the hit player. If the player is in the vicinity of other team members, then this damage and stat effect is carried over to them.

To finish the job you will have to hit the enemy spartan for a total of 6 times. After the third time, DOT will be active and the next 3 shots with additional damage will help finish the job while the enemy’s shields are inactive.

When it comes to vehicles in the game, you will have to hit them for a total of 7 times to deal EMP damage and disable them. You will find all the necessary information in a tabulated form below.

  • DOT time: 3 Hits
  • Shock activation time: 3 Hits
  • Shield Disruption Duration: Upto 10 seconds
  • TKK: 6 Hits
  • EMP damage time: 7 Hits
  • Clip Size: 10

Disruptor Locations

Like other weapons in the game, you will find the Disruptor on fixed spawn locations on the map along the wall. You can also pick up the Disruptor from killed enemies if you get lucky.

However, these spots are highly contested in multiplayer team matches hence we recommend you rush to check the rare locations first if you are looking to get the Disruptor in your first go.

When to use Disruptor

Disruptor is highly beneficial in team matches when playing multiplayer. However, the high TKK, high reload times and shorter clip size do not make it a viable choice for solo gameplay. Unless you have a specific objective or mission where you need to disable multiple vehicles easily, we’d recommend you stay away from Disruptor in solo missions.

However, it is highly recommended as a team weapon. A teammate wielding Disruptor can focus on disabling enemy shields while snipers and assault teams can focus on finishing off enemies with their shields disabled.

A combination of this strategy along with the added benefit of disabling enemy vehicles can deal devastating damage during team matches in the multiplayer mode.

When is Disruptor good?

Disruptor is a beneficial weapon in team multiplayer matches. However, it is not recommended in solo missions or the Campaign mode unless you are looking to target a specific mission. You can read our analysis above for more information.

When not to use Disruptor?

We recommend you avoid the Disruptor in all single-player modes. The high reload time, high TKK, and a low 14 Hits clip size makes it far of a disadvantage even when accounted for DOT and Shock value. It can however prove to be highly beneficial in team matches as a support weapon for more destructive players.

We hope this guide helped you learn more about the Disruptor in Halo Infinite. If you have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.