Halo Infinite Yoroi Armor Unlock Guide: How to get it and When

Halo Infinite has been making quite the buzz thanks to its revamped graphics, new gameplay, and a surprise introduction to the multiplayer mode a few days ago.

Not only this, the developers have also introduced time-specific events that can help you acquire rare in-game gear by completing weekly, monthly, or daily challenges during the event.

Yoroi Armor is about to be up for grabs in the upcoming Tenrai Fractures event and here’s all you need to know about it.

What is the Yoroi Armor?

Halo has introduced different Armors for your Spartan characters and the most sought-after one is the Legendary Samurai Armor or the Yoroi Armor which has been teased for quite a while now.

It is one of the few armors that you can actually view in-game and just like any other Armor, you can obtain it by getting the Armor Core for Yoroi Armor. Check out the guide below to find out how to get this exclusive Samurai Armor in Halo Infinite.

How to get the Yoroi Armor

Yoroi Armor can be acquired in the upcoming Tenrai Fractures event. This is a limited-time event starting 23rd November 2021, and ending on 30th November 2021.

During this time, you can complete the Event playlist and the respective challenges to unlock various components related to Yoroi Armor as well as the Armor core itself.

For now, this is the only way to get Yoroi Armor in-game without having to shell out real-world cash from your pockets.

If you are looking to get the Yoroi Armor before the event starts then sadly you are out of luck. This Legendary Armor seems quite exclusive and as the game is still in its infancy, the Tenrai Fractures event is the only way to get it for now.

Perks of Yoroi Armor

Unfortunately, nobody in the world has been able to get their hands on Yoroi Armor, simply because it is yet to be released to everyone through an event that starts this 23rd of November.

This means that we have no information on its perks, abilities, or any added benefits that it might offer in-game. We know for a fact that it is a Legendary Armor core which leads many to believe that it will be one of the best performing Armors in-game for now.

We shall update this section with more information in the coming weeks as we get to know more about Yoroi Armor and its in-game perks.

We hope this guide helped shed some light on how you can get the Yoroi Armor in Halo Infinite. If you face any issues or have any questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.