How to get to the Dragon Temple in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is known to be cruel with its hard-to-beat bosses and scarce resources. One such hard to get place seems to be the Dragon Temple. If you’re struggling with the same then here’s how you can find it.


  • Crumbling Ruins of Farum Azula
  • Details: East of the Isolated Divine Tower and southeast of the Forge of Giants.
  • Map Location: Link

How to get to the Dragon Temple (The short Way)

The Dragon Temple or better known as Crumbling Farum Azula, is a ruin that can first be visited in the game up close but you won’t actually get to the location. You will instead end up facing 2 level 65 enemies in exchange for a Talisman. Farum Azula will still be far and out of reach but if you just plan on taking a look then this should serve you well.

What you need

You will need an Imbued Sword Key to access the portal which helps you sort of get to Farum Azula. You can get it in one of the following locations.

  • Top of the hill in a chest in front of the fourth belfry in the current location.
  • Corpse on the roof, east of Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • Selia, you will find the Imbued Sword Key in a building on the northeast side.


  • Step 1: Reach Foot of the Four Belfries, southwest of Testu’s Rise and Kingsrealm Ruins. West of Academy Crystal Cave and north of Cuckoo’s Evergaol. Check here for more information.
  • Step 2: We will now teleport to Farum Azula. You will need an Imbued Sword Key to unlock the portal.
  • Step 3: Look to the east and you will find the portal beneath the third tower. Unlock the same with your Imbued Sword Key.
  • Step 4: Interact with the portal to travel to the Crumbling ruins of Farum Azula.

And that’s it! You will now be at the Crumbling Farum Azula with not much ground to cover. You can now fight or run your way to the talisman or simply take a look at the breathtaking view.

How to get to the Dragon Temple (The Long Way)

Reaching Farum Azula in person requires a bit more doing than you might imagine. It also involves a part of the Elden Ring storyline and a few cutscenes. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process.

Start Location: Zamor Ruins

Details: Near the Grand Lift of Roid, southeast of the Hidden Path to the Haligtree, and southwest of Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave.

Map Location: Link

Note: A horse will help you cover the ground a lot faster. Expect a travel time of 50 seconds to 90 seconds between steps. Additionally, the location on the map above is for the grace site on the path to Zamor Ruins which should be accessible to you. In case you are searching manually, ensure that you select the Zamor Ruins marker for the grace site and not the actual ruins which would be inaccessible to you for now. 

  • Step 1: Head east from the Zamor Ruins uphill the mountain on your left. Your goal is to reach the Mountaintop of Giants.
  • Step 2: Pass through to the other side and you should now reach a narrow path leading up to the mountain.
  • Step 3: Proceed up the mountain path and watch out for the upcoming Giants. Proceed westwards and reach the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins grace site. Save your game if needed at this point.
  • Step 4: Keep heading north of the grace site and you will face a giant. You can avoid him if need and take a right and continue following the river.
  • Step 5: Reach and save your game at the upcoming grace site, called the Frozen Lake.
  • Step 6: You will now need to move eastwards. As the grace site’s name suggested, this is the frozen lake. You will face a blizzard and a dragon here. You will need to kill the dragon if you wish to get rid of the blizzard.
  • Step 7: Continue ahead on the frozen lake and take a right once greeted by a fork in the path. Keep the coastline on your right and continue forward. Your goal is to reach the grace site First Church of Marika.
  • Step 8: We recommend you save your game here and head west from the grace site.
  • Step 9: If you’re moving correctly, there should be a chasm on our left with a huge chain linking the other side ahead of you. Proceed towards the same.
  • Step 10: Continue ahead and make your way towards the tree. Beware of the enemies on your path.
  • Step 11: You will now find a grace site named Whiteridge Road. Rest and save your game at the spot if needed. Once done, keep proceeding uphill towards the tree.
  • Step 12: Proceed between the path made by the barricades. You will now reach the chain linking the two sides with the chasm in between.
  • Step 13: Turn left at the end of the chain and save your game at the new grace site named Giant’s Gravepost. You will also find a map fragment beside the same.
  • Step 14: Keep going towards the tree and you should now reach Flame Peak. Continue uphill from here southwards.
  • Step 15: If you’re heading right, you should see a skull-like rock formation in the distance. Get ready for an Invader in this area. Defeating it will grant you the Rivers of Blood Katana.
  • Step 16: Keep heading towards the skull-like rock formation once you’ve taken care of the invader. Turn right once you reach its foothills and you should find the Church of Repose grace site. Save your game and rest here if needed. If not, turn left and continue heading East from the base of the skull-like rock formation.
  • Step 17: You should reach a chasm at this point. Take a left and continue forwards with the chasm on your right.
  • Step 18: You should now be able to spot a grace site from afar. Make your way downhill and you should find the Foot of the Forge grace site.
  • Step 19: Keep heading northeast with the cliff on your right. You should now spot another chain from afar, similar to the one we had crossed earlier.
  • Step 20: Get ready for a boss fight at this point. Cross the chain and beat the boss. This boss is unskippable.
  • Step 21: Once beaten, take a right from the entrance to the chain we had crossed earlier and head southwards.
  • Step 22: You should now be able to spot another chain in the distance, linking to Forge of the Giants. Head towards the same.
  • Step 23: It’s now time to get on the chain and make your way to Forge of the Giants. Be careful at this point and ensure you’re as steady as possible when crossing the chain.
  • Step 24: Once atop, turn left and make your way across the structure.
  • Step 25: You should arrive at a new grace site. Unlock the same and you should be able to talk to Melina. Agree to the requirements and you should wake up in the Crumbling ruins of Farum Azula.

And that’s it! You are now at the Dragon Temple!

We hope the post was helpful in your quest to become the Elden lord. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.