iOS 15 and WatchOS 8: ‘Find My’ now alerts you when your iPhone is left behind

On the first day of its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple made it a point to show the world that they are working every single day to refine the ecosystem. iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, and WatchOS 8 — all the upcoming operating systems not only come with insane new features, but they are also unmissably in sync. All you need is a common Apple ID, and all your Apple devices would be able to talk to one another without breaking a sweat.

Apple’s Find My network — which has received a number of updates lately — has been enhanced even further with the release of the latest generation of Apple operating systems. They can check up on one another from time to time, and notify the user when one of them has been left behind. And considering how expensive these devices are, the Find My alert system is definitely a welcome addition.

Reddit user, mac9382, stumbled upon an interesting discovery when they were decided to leave their iPhone in the car and only carry their Apple Watch to their nearest Target store. In doing so, Apple’s Find My network got activated and alerted the user that their iPhone was left behind. Find My also added the last known location of the iPhone, which would have come in handy in case of theft.

Via: Reddit

This ‘Notify When Left Behind’ feature is a neat new addition, available in iOS 15 developer beta 1 and WatchOS 8 developer beta 1.

If you have both the beta versions and wish to give it a go, you can simply, go to Settings > Profile Picture > Find My > Notify When Left Behind > Turn on for a device. You can also add exceptions — work or home location, for example — to make sure there aren’t any false notifications.

Since it’s a developer build feature expect a few bugs here and there. These are likely to be resolved before the public build releases.