What if Episode 8: Is ‘The Watcher’ the Multiversal Nick Fury?

Till Episode 7 of What If…the only thing common between the episodes was the ever-watching The Watcher. However, with Strange Supreme being re-introduced at the end of Episode 8, there now is another character recurring in the show.

The final episode of the season is just around the week. We are yet to see the What If…? Avengers Assemble as they had teased in the trailer. So, will “The Watcher” assemble a multiversal taskforce and himself become a Multiversal Nick Fury?

Why the need for the multiversal taskforce?

From the epic battle between Ultron and The Watcher in Episode 8, it was clear that the powerful force of Ultron would need a more powerful resistance to be defeated. Even the Watcher, in his battle-ready form, could not knock the wind out of, the Infinity Stones and lance wielding, Ultron. At the end of the battle, The Watcher was forced to escape into the pocket universe in which Strange Supreme remained entrapped.

Will Doctor Strange be the first Multiversal Avenger?

At the end of Episode 4, What If…Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead Of His Hands?, we saw Strange Supreme begging the Watcher for help. Sticking to his oath the Watcher had refused to intervene, leaving evil Strange to suffer the consequences of his action.

Four episodes later the roles were reversed, as The Watcher was forced to ask Strange Supreme, much to the dark wizard’s pleasure, for help. His recruitment could make him the first Multiversal Avenger!

Is The Watcher the multiversal Nick Fury?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D, had planned the Avengers Initiative following his escapade with Carol Danvers, a.k.a, Captain Marvel. The 2012 Avengers line-up expanded with each coming movie of the MCU. Fury had a list of individuals he wanted on board the Avengers Initiative to stop any threat to the planet.

The Watcher may soon be following Fury’s path of assembling a formidable force of superheroes to take the last stand against Ultron. If that is the path to be taken for the final episode, The Watcher better get his ‘assembling’ in high gear.

Who else could be the part of Multiversal Avengers?

Not only is Ultron hot on The Watcher’s heels, but he also intends to annihilate the entire Multiverse to bring about his vision of Peace.

To take the final stand we could be getting back Captain Carter, Star Lord T’Challa, Zombie Fighting Spidy, Head-in-a-jar Scott Lang with Strange’s cloak, Secretly-evil Killmonger, Party Thor and maybe even Loki, the Subjugator of Humanity. With Fury either dead or injured in most of the What If… scenarios, The Watcher might have to gather the Multiversal Avengers by himself.

Ultron has already defeated the Avengers as well as every other force in his universe. Episode 9 will tell what the heroes from the multiverse can do differently to combat the maniacal AI.

Will Ultron be stopped or will his rampage spill over to Season 2 of What If…?

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Credits: Marvel | Twitter (2, 3)