Where is The Bachelor Filmed?

The latest season of The Bachelor stars Matt James, a real estate broker, who is the first black lead to star in the reality show. The show began with 32 female contestants trying their best to win over Matt James. Even with the pandemic-induced restrictions, the show has been pretty intense and caters to our taste for some flamin’ drama!

With scenic shooting locations and swoon-worthy date backdrops, one may naturally wonder where is the show even filmed? Let’s take a look!

About the Show

The Bachelor is a famous dating and relationship reality TV show that has been airing since 25 March 2002. With nearly a decade of experience under its belt, the show birthed several variations and spin-offs in The Bachelor franchise.

The premise of the show is pretty simple – a bachelor gets a unique opportunity to dip into a pool of eligible partners! Week over week, the romantic interests handpicked for the bachelor get gradually eliminated until we are left with the one who the bachelor will wife! Everyone loves a happy ending, and the marriage proposal at the end of every season lives up to this expectation.

The show has every element that goes into the making of a hit reality series. You have the main lead, a swarm of gorgeous prospects, budding romance, fear of elimination, interpersonal conflicts, and complexities of human relationships.

While the basic framework stays the same, the show creators add surprise elements, wildcard entries, random elimination, and other such interesting twists and turns to spice up the show!

When and Where Was Matt James’ Season of The Bachelor Filmed?

The COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine guidelines forced the show to part from its usual ridiculously extravagant dates that took contestants across the globe to destinations like The Caribbean island. Instead, as with the latest season of the Bachelorette, the show was filmed in only one location. The filming of the reality dating show was done in a quarantine bubble at the Nemacolin resort. The exquisite resort covers around 2,200 acres and is located in the Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania.

The Bachelor premiered on January 4 this year. While Matt James along with other members of the cast and crew went into the quarantine bubble in September 2020, the filming began in October. The contestants had the opportunity to shoot in the lovely fall weather and the charm of the surrounding Laurel Highlands. Even though the production team considered domestic travel, it was ruled out in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, as a precautionary measure, a few extra contestants were brought out to the filming location, just in case anybody tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully nobody tested positive for the virus.

About Nemacolin Resort


Nemacolin Resort, like all the other mansions featured in The Bachelor seasons, is massively impressive. Its charming design and luxurious rooms have already stolen the show. The resort, nestled in the Allegheny Mountains on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, comprises a total of 320 bedrooms. Sprawling across 2,200 acres, the palatial estate houses three hotels, a couple of golf courses, an on-site spa, indoor and outdoor pools, and 5-star dining outlets. Owned by Maggie Hardy Magerko, the daughter of the founder Joseph Hardy, the property was bought at an auction in 1987 and subsequently expanded to encompass over 2000 acres.

Other Spots Featured in The Bachelor

While the 25th season of The Bachelor has been primarily filmed at the Nemacolin Resort, some scenes have also been shot at various picturesque spots in Pennsylvania.

For instance, the show features a popular dating spot in Pittsburgh, Highland Park Reservoir.
Other locations where the show was filmed include Carnegie Museum of Art’s Hall of Architecture, Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve, and Aspinwall Riverfront Park.

Popular Destinations Featured in Other Seasons of The Bachelor

The picturesque locations where the previous seasons of The Bachelor have been shot give us some serious #wanderlust goals. The visual appeal of the setting is one of the greatest pulls of the show. Some unforgettable desinations that featured in the other seasons of The Bachelor include:

Jade Mountain


Jade Mountain is a luxury resort in St. Lucia, Soufriere, Caribbean. It offers a premium hospitality experience through personal butlers, coral reefs, snorkelling, mountain and ocean views, and other such facilities.

Conrad Bora Bora Nui


The Bora Bora islands are already a scene straight out of a travel brochure. And ABC spared no expense in enhancing this experience by booking at the Hilton! As the queen of French Polynesia readied to host the season 6 finale, contestants could not have gotten over the breathtaking beauty around them.

Mulia Resort


The Mulia Resort in Nusa Dua, Bali, made a relatively recent cameo in the 19th season of the show. The paradise with its private beach access and relaxed vibe served as an oasis of tranquility in the midst of all the reality TV drama.

Grand Hotel Zermatterhof


Switzerland’s Grand Hotel Zermatterhof offered a stunning view of the high alpine lakes and rolling mountains. Whether our celebs relaxed at the Vita Borni spa or went on an adventure in the ski lifts, we couldn’t stop being wowed by the location. The 17th century resort with skiing options and Michelin star restaurants offered a memorable stay for all.