Where is Wanda Maximoff from?

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in Marvel Studios' WANDAVISION exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

The process of joining a fandom is quite intense, almost if not, akin to romantic love. There is an initial attraction that grows into something much bigger and eventually becomes a lifelong thing. Even marriage can end in divorce, but loyalty to one’s fandom is forever. It’s not like a fandom ever dies either.

In the case of Marvel, with the introduction of new intriguing superheroes, it almost feels like the fandom is only fuelled and reinvigorated over time. Fans live for the formula and it’s nice to experience the formula applied differently once in a while. Except, that didn’t happen in the case of WandaVision.

Marvel did not reinvent the wheel this time, they built an entirely new vehicle instead. With a special focus on the Scarlet Witch and a radically different plot to start off in 2021, both new and existing fans are in for a delightful treat. If you’re here, then you’re most certainly getting swept by the WandaVision canon wave and ready to dive in deeper.

So here’s an introduction to Wanda Maximoff’s origins.

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Where is Wanda Maximoff from?

In MCU, Wanda Maximoff along with her fraternal twin brother Pietro grew up in the city of Novi Grad in Sokovia. For Marvel newbies, Sokovia is a landlocked country in Central-Southeastern Europe that came into major focus during the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. Sokovia only exists in MCU so you will not actually be able to locate it on any real map.

Wanda and Pietro lived there with their parents Iryna and Oleg Maximoff until their home was destroyed in the United States Air Force attacks. Eventually, Wanda Maximoff moved to a local orphanage before being recruited by HYDRA. For the rest of the story, it’s better to watch the Age of Ultron.

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While this is the narrative regarding Wanda Maximoff’s origins, we cannot be sure if she was the biological child of Iryna and Oleg Maximoff. In the comics, it was very much stated that Wanda and Pietro were adopted. Their biological father was Magneto.

So while Wanda was introduced to the audience as belonging to Sokovia, we cannot confirm if she was put there for a particular reason (like her own safety) or if she really was a normal human being before the whole interaction with the mind stone went down.

Nevertheless, Wanda is undeniably the Scarlet Witch who, Sokovian or otherwise, orchestrated a fake world to bring back her dead lover with her incredible powers.

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From the heartwrenching love story of Wanda and Vision to the tragedy of Westview that hurt us all, there is so much to love and look forward to in WandaVision.

Hopefully, our voracious appetites will only be fed generously over time and we will get to see more from Marvel when it comes to the Scarlet Witch.

When things go beyond romance and tragedy and transition into a massive power trip, it will be worth having joined this fandom earlier, rather than later.